EP 017 - Using Technology To Beat "The Mill" like PT Clinics…

I recorded this one for you following on from a “Facebook Live” that I did on the same topic…
Talking about how to use technology to beat “THE MILL” like PT Clinics seemed to really hit home with my Facebook Community so I decided to extend what I had to say on the topic - and put it on this podcast for you.
What’s important for you to understand is “what technology” actually is - and it’s things like Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, Infusionsoft etc - all these incredible things that are at your disposal to begin and enhance relationships with potential patients.
We all have access to these things - but not many people use them effectively. It is HOW and WHY you use them that makes the difference. In my world, at the Paul Gough Physio Rooms, these technologies are used to SUPPORT THE PATIENT on the journey that they are going on to get the help they need…
It’s rarely ever the case that patients are just waking up and deciding to book appointments with a PT - what is more true is that they are agonizing over the decision to come and see you and if you accept that, and then use the available technology to support them on THAT journey, then it becomes very easy to beat “The Mill” like clinics who are all about the “bang they can get for their buck - and who would never factor in the time to do any of the things like that I talk about on this episode.
I’m hoping you will.
Enjoy the Podcast - it’s recorded live from the balcony of my hotel room overlooking the gorgeous Lake Chelan and staring at snow toped mountains all around, the morning after I gave my talk at the Washington State Private Practice Section Annual Conference.
Thumbnail: that’s me with PT “Brian Cronin” - one of the top guys involved at the Washington State Private Practice Section after my Keynote that day…

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