EP012: My Best Advice For Starting Out Or Scaling Up In The Face Of Fear, Negativity, Doubt, Criticism And Even Resentment From Your Friends And Family

One of the benefits of getting face-to-face with my community (during my recent Impact Tour) is that I get to hear about the challenges and obstacles that you are living with - first hand!

And one of those challenges - or complete obstacles - is the resistance that we can face from the people closest to us when we are trying to grow!

Can you relate??

It could be that you are thinking about quitting your job or starting your own clinic, OR, you want to go big and scale what you’ve got…

…but you’re finding that you’re getting unexpected criticism, resentment and negativity from your wife or husband - or friends and colleagues.

The thing is, you’re not alone…

If anything, I’d say “welcome to the world of being a successful business owner”.

Because this IS the deal.

This IS the journey.

And this type of thing IS why so many PTs NEVER get to do something that they really aspire to do…

(Like run a successful business!)

They trade off fulfilment and self worth for security and mediocrity.

And in this Episode I talk to you about my own experiences of how people around me tried to protect me from quitting my job in pro-soccer to go it alone in an attempt to protect me…

…what it means when people do this type of thing - and my number one method for dealing with this in my own life.

No matter how successful you get - at every level of the journey the decisions that we have to make come with some kind of consequence if they go wrong…

…so in that respect, it doesn’t matter if you’re stalling over starting OR growing a clinic, how to deal with it, is no different.

I start the Podcast with answering a question from a listner who “called me out” for not giving enough credit to the role that being a “great practitioner” has in the success of building a successful business…

You might be surprised to hear my answer as to why I don’t believe it does have all that much to do with being a success in business…

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

* Tips for dealing with negativity and resentment from friends, family and colleagues…

* How to find the courage to start or scale your clinic…

* What it really means when friends and family try to hold you back…

* The mind-set shifts you can apply that’ll help you over come the doubt and fear you are living with (about making your next big business decision).

It’s all on this Episode of the PT Business School Podcast…


Paul Gough


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