EP009: How The “Therapist/Patient” Relationship Has Changed Since Health Care Costs Increased - (With Andrew Vertson)

In this Episode - 009 - I interview Andrew Vertson…

…Andrew is an ICONIC figure in the US PT Profession - regarded by most as the “go-to” guy when it comes to Practice Management and Metric advice.

Andrew has quite literally been there, seen it - and DONE IT.

He is a great PT who managed to take the leap to successful business owner, and having started his clinic from NOTHING 20+ years ago, now runs a $1m + 3-clinic practice in Orange County, California.

Andrew has “managed” through the changes that the PT profession has witnessed…

And in this episode he talks candidly about the difference in the PT Profession as it was back then, and how it is now.

Most interestingly Andrew explains, how, because of the rise in the cost of health care, the patient is “different” these days - and tells you what it takes to keep them happy as they have to pay a LOT more out of pocket to access your PT services.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn on this Episode:

* What is a business plan - and what should it include?

* How much is needed to start a practice these days?

* Tips for a new clinic getting “In-network”…

* Tips for an existing clinic getting “out-of-network”…

* What it was like in the “good old days” when co-pay was as low as $5-10

* The difference in the patient practitioner relationship since co-pay and deductibles got so high…

* Direct Marketing for an In-Network clinic that once relied 100% upon doctor referrals…

* Vital metrics that any new business owner should track if they want to grow smoothly…

* And find out the type of clinic - INN or Cash - that Andrew would open if he were starting out today…

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Paul Gough

P.S You can check out Andrews “PT Clinic Metrics” website atwww.ptclinicmetrics.com where he shares more information with PT’s who want to keep track of their numbers.

Andrews clinic website is here: www.intecorept.com


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