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“With the Help of Paul’s Online Marketing Team, We’re Averaging $15,000 per Month in NEW Patients”

Online Marketing
Jason Clemons, Breakaway Physical Therapy

“Google is the best lead source for everything in the world right now. We always knew that this was a great place to advertise, we just didn’t have the time or know how to properly do it.”

“If you have a properly set up Google Ads Account the number of leads and the consistency of the leads is tremendous.”

The hybrid practice based in Crofton, Maryland was set up five years ago by Jason and his wife Shaina to treat most common orthopedic conditions, with a focus on women’s health and pelvic floor therapy.

They have been part of Paul Gough’s “4% Club” for PT business owners for the past year and a half and are impressively moving forward as a business.

“More leads allowed us to grow reliably and hire more staff”

Jason added: “Due to the increase in our leads we are looking at hiring a new salesman and improving the follow up process to help convert more of these leads. Around the same time, we will be looking for another PT to handle all of the new clients.

Thanks to Team Paul for helping us succeed much faster and more efficiently than we could have on our own.”

Before handing over Google and Facebook remarketing to Team Paul, Breakaway PT had little consistent online paid marketing.

They did previously attempt to setup Google Ads but quickly came to the realization that the amount of time and effort required to do it properly was not going to be feasible. As a result they ended up doing next to nothing online.

Marketing was local, face to face events and typical leaflet drops.

There was no digital reinforcement and most things fell flat. Jason’s plan was to get Shaina out of treatment, which required growth and the ability to maintain a steady number of leads coming in every month.

They quickly discovered, after trying it themselves, that it wasn’t going to work with their busy schedules to contend with. A lot of money was spent and squandered as few results showed.

Jason admitted: “The time it takes to fully understand how to properly set up your account and then maintain it can be better used elsewhere.”

“The research time alone to figure out the process was such a waste. The more we have moved from doing everything in our business to trying to run the business we have come to the realization that having a high-level understanding of what needs to be done is sufficient.”

“From there you just need the right people to implement and in this case the PG team were the right people for us.”

“Now we have a lead generating machine that gets more cost-efficient all the time.”

“The monthly time is minimal on our part. The initial set-up took a little time but much less than doing it ourselves. Team PG tweaks anything that needs to be changed as needed and recommends any changes we need to make on our end.”

“Communication is easy and quick. I can review reports at the end of every month and see the potential business flowing into the business. This allows us to make decisions and move the pieces in the business better.”

He added: “To say that 2020 has been a crazy year would be an understatement. I don’t really like to think about what this year would have been like if we didn’t have our online marketing up and running with Team PG.”

“I look at all the leads that we have consistently been able to maintain throughout the year, even during lockdown, and know that this has been a tremendous help in keeping us up and running.”

“The rebound and number of leads coming in after lockdown are amazing. Without a doubt the PG Team and Google Ads has been a savior this year.”

A Record-Breaking Month of Leads

Breakaway PT spends around $500 a month on Google and $300 a month on Facebook retargeting. Their best month brought in 30 new leads.

The ROI is around $15,000 any given month and is only getting better as the business improves their follow up.

Jason added: “The leads that come in from Google Ads are pretty good. Those from the Facebook remarketing take a little time to a nurture. That said, we definitely notice an increase in calls to the clinic when the Facebook ads are running.”

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