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“I Learned More In 3 Weeks Working With Paul Than On A 3-Year University Course”

Victoria Rendle – QuayPhysio – Kingsbridge, South Devon, UK

Accelerator or a University course? Only one winner. Accelerator EVERY time. Victoria Rendle has recently appointed a new marketing manager for her business, Quay Physio in Devon, England.

And Nathan Collett can quickly see a positive difference and real-time learning our 12-week New Patient Accelerator Program brings.

Victoria said: “Nathan has already commented on how he is rather annoyed he has wasted all that money funding a university degree when he has seen the depth and quality of the marketing information being given on Accelerator.

“As a business owner, I have developed a healthy trust for the knowledge Paul is giving us. However, having someone who has spent the last 3 years studying marketing say they’ve learned more from this course in a few weeks than they have in their whole degree was further validation!”

The Program Will Add Depth To Our Business

It’s some testimonial for the course we started back in January and expanded to a 12-week event. Victoria added: “Nathan started the Accelerator course 4 weeks ago and is slowly working on the modules whilst doing other onboarding and learning about our business.

“My goal is for Accelerator to add further depth to our onboarding process for our marketing lead.

“If someone who has studied marketing can find more value in the first few modules of Accelerator than their whole degree, that says something to me. Nathan is in his early 20’s and yet he is already able to connect with our 40+-year-old lady perfect client!”

Quay Physio is a small multidisciplinary clinic, helping busy, active people aged 40+, who feel like they are slowing down and are worried about their long-term health and wellbeing.

They help patients find freedom in their body to move, live and love their life – even if they think there is nothing that can be done or it’s an age thing.

The approach often utilizes a multi-disciplinary team and gives clients positive long-term outcomes, with age merely being a number.

The business has been running for 11 years, inconsistent and non-specific with any marketing to date.

Enter Nathan and Accelerator… Victoria added: “We were the classic example of relying on word of mouth referrals. As the marketing responsibility and activities were on my to-do list, they only happened if there wasn’t some crisis in the clinic (which wasn’t often!).

“Also, because we have always managed to keep our therapist’s diaries at above 85% utilization it was always something that got dropped from the weekly to-do list.

“We’ve struggled in the last few years to recruit to good physios. That combined with several maternity leaves have meant I’ve spent more and more time back in the treatment room and less time working on my business – it has led to one tired CEO!”

It’s The Right Time To Scale Up The Clinic

“I’ve looked at Accelerator for several years and known it was something that I needed to do. I knew it would help me scale my clinic, however, in an effort to conserve my own energy and sanity, I’ve been strict at keeping my work hours to school time only.

“I wasn’t willing to work in the evenings to do the course and I knew that in order to ensure the longer-term growth of my company I needed to recruit someone who could do my marketing for me ongoing.

“So, over the last few months, we went through the recruitment process for a Marketing Lead for the company. The outcome is Nathan, who joined our team just over 4 weeks ago. He is working 21 hours a week whilst he finishes his experiential marketing degree.”

No More Scattergun Marketing

With Nathan in the early stages of his role as he absorbs Accelerator, the difference will come in the weeks and months ahead: “We are putting our ducks in an ordered, methodical row instead of the previous scatter gun approach.”

Victoria added: “If you know it is something your business needs or is in your long-term plan but you keep putting it off, perhaps an alternative is to delegate it as I have.

“My business needs to scale now and my time is more valuable spent on other things right now as a CEO with some clinical hours and in need of some restful evenings, not learning marketing from the start.

“I have already purchased the online program and once Nathan has completed Accelerator he will then be leading the process of developing our online course whilst I focus on content.”

To conclude, Victoria is able to put her trust in both Accelerator and her staff to implement the processes and make a difference: “Even if you as the business owner doesn’t complete the course in full, with an A-player team member in the marketing role with you, who you trust, you can leverage their time and effort to get you where you want to go.”

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