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A couple of days ago I was asked this question by a PT practice owner hungry for growth in 2023:

“Paul, I am planning to hire more PT’s in 2023 to see patients on my behalf.

My schedule is full and I’m looking to take a step back from seeing that many people.

I am committed to doing whatever marketing I have to as I want 2023 to be the year that my practice makes money without me being the sole provider.

My question is, where could this go wrong? What am I not seeing?

What is the biggest thing that I should be looking out for? Basically, what is the blind spot I have to be aware of?”


Great question… and the answer?


“How the phone is answered”.

See, it was my experience that the thing that I had to get right when I was stepping back from patient care was how we transitioned people who called my clinic THINKING they were going to be seeing ME…

WANTING to see me…

…to being OK with seeing someone else I employed.

In the beginning, it’s you and your reputation that PRECEDES you.

It is the launch fuel of your business. It is what gets you started and gets your case load full.

Then the challenge is how do you get the second case load full when everyone wants to see you?

After all, they’ve only heard good things about YOU!

It’s all to do with what you say, how you say it… and what you let the person calling you BELIEVE to be TRUE about seeing someone else.

If you can’t do this right, you will end up hiring someone, paying then $80k per year, but still being as busy as ever while they see 5 patients per week in between checking Facebook.

It’s why I’d say the ability to talk to patients more EFFECTIVELY about what you can do to help will be the biggest hurdle that anyone committed to growth, will need to over come.

It also why we’ve dedicated the next Mastermind Event to tackling this very subject…

The 2-day event is taking place in a Luxury Hotel in Las Vegas, on April 1-2, and it’s aptly titled:

“Effective Telephone Techniques and In Clinic Sales Strategies for Fast Growing Physical Therapy Practices”

Across the two days we will cover:

• How to get your staff comfortable with the idea of selling in a tight economy
• How to transition patients to other PTs (including new grads)
• How to fill up a new PT schedule – even if you are MILES ahead of them clinically
• Dealing with cancels and drop offs (…plaguing EVERY practice since COVID)
• Encouraging patients to complete a plan of care (…in less than 30 days to boost your cash flow)
• Upsells and progressions to other products, programs and plans of care – when to start the conversations and how to bring it up
• How to tell current patient you are dropping their insurance or don’t take it anymore…
• And so much more…

If you’re at all interested in coming, start by filling out an APPLICATION to be my VIP guest at the event.

Go here to do that.

– Yes! I’m Planning On Growing My Practice in 2023 And Need To Sort Out Our Telephone Skills!

There will be 75 other clinics there from all over the world and as well as learning new sales and telephone techniques to help you manage those awkward conversations…

…you’ll meet some amazing practice owners who will be more than happy to help you in any other area of your business.


After that, someone from my team will get on the phone with you to explain how it all works.

Best wishes,

Paul Gough