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How To Increase Your Clinic’s Revenue By 200% | PT Success Story

Eric Wallace, Motus RX Physical Therapy

Eric Wallace has enjoyed great success in 2021 – he is 200% up year on year! Based in Appleton, WI, Motus RX Physical Therapy helps active people move confidently and feel young without medications, injections or surgeries.

Eric joined the 4% Club last year and in little over 12 months, his outlook and business has been transformed. He has hired 2 staff, is looking for a 3rd which he hopes will help him get out of treatment. The transformation from clinician to business owner has begun…

“I have had my practice for just over 5 years now and we started out renting a room in a boutique fitness studio with very little knowledge or experience about what it means to have/run a business. It was more of a hope and wish that we had a ‘better way’ than the traditional insurance model and that eventually the market would grow to understand that in order to receive better care and the outcomes you want, you may have to ditch the traditional PT model.”

“Now I realize that’s not necessarily true for the consumer (as we have multiple insurance-based providers rocking it in Paul’s group), but it’s true for me as the provider/business owner. I realized that the business was a mule for how I want to live my life and that was not haggling with insurance companies or consumers over coverage, numbers, etc.”

“We help active people move confidently and feel young without medications, injections or surgeries. Our ideal customers are gym rats or highly driven fitness athletes/regular athletes who are either aging and want help to continue along their path or are younger athletes going through some challenges that they didn’t see coming.”

“We also specialize with rotational athletes so golfers and, of late, more softball and baseball players. Some 70% of our clients come to us for injuries/rehab and then 30% for golf/sports performance or are staying on after their rehab to ‘keep ahead’ and go for the ultimate transformation.”

“Like many others I first heard Paul on Jarod Carter’s podcast as I was researching/studying to get started in the cash-based model. After that I’m sure I went to his website and then was retargeted on Facebook and then I continued to follow up with some of his different live trainings.”

“It may have been backwards but I started with Business Growth School first and then did Accelerator. Paul was excellent in his communication and warned me that Accelerator might be a better place to start but I was ready to jump into whatever he was offering at that time.”

“Much like many of the other things Paul teaches and we utilize with our consumers, it took me a while to commit to 4% Club after those courses but between podcasts, books and mailers, I continued to realize that I needed more help. I needed accountability and I knew I wanted more from my business.”

“So I went to New Orleans just over a year ago on a guest pass and then joined the 4% Club after that weekend, and even a hiring ad for my first employee in the airport on the way home. I decided that it was going to be about growth and cultivating a business that serves me, not the other way around.”

“I used to laugh at Paul saying how going back to clinical care would make him physically ill… However, I’m starting to feel that way as I’m very, very heavy in treatment yet and am the primary source of revenue for the business. It’s exhausting, so I need to advance beyond myself and in the last year have taken steps towards that thanks to 4% Club and our progress group.”

“I hired my first employee (front desk) and now hired my second (marketing assistant) while I’m in the early steps of recruiting for another practitioner so I can start the steps of getting out of treatment full time.”

“My impressions of Paul have always been along the lines that he teaches what most good leaders and coaches do/are. He’s already accomplished the things that I want and he teaches about what he’s learned and what’s worked. He’s someone I think many of us would like to emulate in terms of his confidence and perspective of the world. He’s not full of quick tactical tips or short term fixes… he preaches the whole package from mindset to team building to marketing to finance and leadership.”

“My viewpoints have only been solidified over time and since joining 4% Club. He clearly has a focus on growth through people and is focused on the long game with his strategies and coaching and, once again, I really enjoy a coach who is continually practicing what he preaches. It does nothing but prove authenticity and that I’m in the right place.”

“Accountability, mindset, and being around people who are going where you want to go in some way, shape or form. Also, I can’t underestimate the weekly coaching we get on Wednesdays. I have not missed a call since joining (other than vacation week) and some of the calls have been the most impactful 90 mins of my year. I rarely have to ask a question as someone else typically has a similar problem and, when Paul teaches, it’s really changed my perspectives at times and given me the kick in the ass needed.”

“The year was interesting as it gave confirmation that I was at least doing some things right. In the pandemic we had people that still wanted to work with us, trusted us, and were willing to prioritize us in their schedules. We had a couple of down months March, April, May, but then after hiring my front desk on Memorial Day we had significant growth in revenue on the year and as a whole.”

“We also implemented Telehealth and a light presence with an online golf program. It taught me the importance of being fluid and not rigid. It also left me an undeniable number of lessons that I’m trying to make sure I’m taking forward into the next 3-5 years of my business.”

  • Building a safety net for things like this in the future
  • When a majority of people go one direction, I go the other
  • Business is a beautiful mystery that I’ll never quite 100% figure out, but it’s certainly a great challenge trying because it helps you become so much more individually than you ever would be without it.

“Again, thanks to confidence from Paul, Simon, and our Progress Group, I’ve had confidence and A PLAN to make decisions I likely wouldn’t have otherwise.”

“We’ve raised rates. We’ve hired a front desk that is wonderful at solving the problems I used to have with following up, talking to leads in efficient time, internal systems of follow up, scheduling, handling objections, etc. She takes the challenge of having the schedule full personally and is actually at times probably over-booking me! We’ve increased packages and offered a year of care and a membership plan. I’m communicating so much more clearly and confidently in the ‘sales’ portion and making sure people know that we don’t do quick fixes but transformations. We’re prioritizing meeting, trainings, continual learning and re-fining, etc. These few changes are the tip of the iceberg but are massive in our success.”

“My revenue at this time of 2020 was $45,050 and 12 months on it is $92,213. Granted a portion of that was during Covid, but we hit similar numbers in 2019 as 2020. The only major variable that would be different would be joining 4% Club and implementation. It’s not where we ultimately would like it to be yet, but as I am currently the only practitioner, it is a big step in the right direction.”

“I am budgeting for a quarter million year as the only practitioner and never would’ve been able to do that prior to joining this World.”

I’d put my success down to “quite simply mindset and having a plan – and being held accountable for that plan. I always made the excuse for myself that it was OK if I wasn’t hitting certain targets because I’m not an experienced business owner so it was technically not my fault. Now I can’t say “I didn’t know”. I am growing the skills of a business owner and leader and realize that everything is my fault, good or bad. Paul 101. And it’s liberating.”

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