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How To Get 1.1 Million Ad Views for Just $100

Paul Gough, Paul Gough Media

Last month I told you that the Paul Gough Physio Rooms digital ads were doing amazing – and that appointments were booked out, with an ever-growing waiting list. Well, this month we’re still in the same fantastic position. Vicki and the team haven’t stopped on the phones, booking in new patients – and with more leads coming in than we can actually fit on the schedule.

For April’s Campaign Of The Month, I told you what we’ve been doing over the last few months with our Google Ads, and showed you exactly what graphics we’ve used on our new Google Display Ads – in week 1 they got us an unprecedented 1.1 million impressions, plus over 400 clicks, for just $100.

Now I’m going to show you how we really maximized our Google data, by using that data and setting up a Facebook campaign to retarget our Google data / audience.

Facebook – Google Retargeting Ads

From the March 18 – April 30, we’ve received over 40 leads from Facebook ads, all for £500 / $700.

That works out at around £12 / $17 per lead.

See below for an example of the exact images and copy we used on our Facebook Ad – you’ll see the graphics are very similar to the Google display ads from last month. This brings cohesion and brand recognition. Familiarity to people.

Here’s some of the other details we used to build our custom audience:

Audience: We’ve been targeting our website pixel, which basically means anyone that has been on our website.

Using our Google Ads and Google Display Ads audience, as well as ‘website visitors’ audience.

That’s why it’s so important that as well as having your paid ads running, that the rest of your marketing is consistently directing people to your website too (for example, your email campaigns with a link to read your blog, and social media posting with a link to the website etc.), so that you collect a lot of data to re-market your advertising too.

Location: Approx. 8 miles around our clinic

Age: 50-65+

Gender: All genders

Detailed targeting: All demographics, interests and behaviors

Languages: All languages

Imagine Google as the mechanism pulling / drawing customers to your service, and Facebook as one of your push mechanisms – where you can really push your message on to your audience.

You have approx. 7 seconds to grab the attention via your Facebook Ad, so it should create scarcity, urgency and believability.

You can also encourage people to tag / share your ad with a friend too – we write this as a PS. message in the comments of the ad, and it really does work.

Active Facebook Presence

Your Facebook Ads will be even more successful, if you have an active Facebook presence on your page too.

More than likely, someone will check out your Facebook page before, or after, they have enquired via your Facebook ad, and if when they look at your Facebook page it hasn’t been updated for 2 weeks, then it’s not going to give the best first impression.

I spend 30-45 minutes per working day on social media, posting a combination of images and videos about the following:

  • Awareness for the agreed monthly hub
  • Q&A
  • Client success stories
  • Positive clinic updates

We’ve received lots of great interaction on our posts recently – both comments, shares, and direct messages on Messenger – which has helped to increase the number of people following our Facebook page, but it has also increased the traffic to our website too.

If, via my posts, I’m not directing people to the PG Physio Rooms blog, or to our website to download a free report from our posts, then we’re posting fun updates about what our staff or patients are up to.

It’s really important to have a good mix of posts to keep your audience engaged, but always remember how important it is to drive traffic to your website so you can get a person’s pixel and continue to market to them via your paid advertising. This is how our leads are coming in fast.

Also, I’ve found that the more consistently you post and get engagement on your posts, then the more your posts seem to show up on the home feed of your followers.

Here’s some examples, above, of fun we’ve had on social media this month. I hope it gives you some inspiration.


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