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How Do You Evaluate Your Current Physical Therapy Marketing Performance?

The Meaning Of Marketing

Marketing is an art. It takes strategy, knowledge, and an understanding of your consumers’ wants and needs to be able to market effectively.

When you market, you establish connections that will benefit you in the future.

All of this sounds great, but in order to market successfully, you need to have an effective marketing strategy.

As a physical therapist, you need to evaluate your current marketing plan. What are your current marketing goals? Who is your target audience? How will you get the attention of that audience?

Taking the time to answer these questions and evaluate your performance can do wonders for your physical therapy clinic.

In this article, I will show you what strategies to use and how you can market your practice more effectively.

Evaluating Your Current Marketing Campaigns and Performance

Create a method to research how you’re marketing campaigns are doing. Evaluate all of your marketing channels.

Start simple with your social media marketing.

See how your posts are doing, look into your insights, and see how engaged your viewers and followers are.

Next, keep track of your blog posts, case studies, emails, or other types of content. Within that content, don’t forget to put a call to action at the end. It can never hurt.

Use programs such as Bitly to track where your readers are coming from and where they are not and see how you can update your methods to attract readers from the platforms that are not engaging them as much.

There are so many simple, yet still out-of-the-box strategies when it comes to marketing. It’s an ongoing game and it’s a constantly changing market.

That is why I want to help improve your marketing efforts so that you can be more consistent in that ever-changing market.

Utilizing Word of Mouth

Here’s a big tip, use your existing patients for free marketing by asking for patient referrals and online reviews.

Word of mouth marketing is the most effective form of marketing, and it doesn’t cost you anything.

If you can build trust with your patients, that will help to increase referrals and they’d be more inclined to leave reviews. They will tell their friends why they should book an appointment with you if they were satisfied with your work.

The bottom line is don’t sleep on word of mouth marketing, it may seem too simple, but trust me when I say that it is effective.

Marketing During The Pandemic

Here is something to think about: did you take advantage of marketing during the Covid-19 pandemic? If so, how?

My business never closed down. Instead of letting my business die, I simply thought, “How can I take advantage of this time?”

Knowing most of my competitors would not be proactive about the state of the world, I knew I would have a big advantage.

I really utilized marketing through online platforms. Because everybody was stuck at home during quarantine, they were all on their phones and laptops all day.

So I spent more time on my emailing, social media posting, and blog writing – doing my best to entertain people while they were trapped in their homes while also maintaining a connection with my clients so that they would know that I was still there.

This is just one example of thinking outside the box and constantly thinking of new ways to reach your audience with your marketing.

So take a step back, analyze your marketing efforts, see where you could’ve done better, then work on correcting yourself in areas that could be improved.

Adapting Your Marketing Strategies

After evaluation, invest in the areas that are not doing as well. Put out a Facebook ad, or a Google ad, or maybe even try Bing. It takes money to make money.

When I talk to them about investing in marketing, most people say they focus on their return on investment.

But in order to really succeed in your investments, you need to focus on simply making the money you spent back, not necessarily profiting from it immediately.

I encourage my clients to focus on the return OF investment. If you invest $1,000 in a campaign, can you at least make that back? That is what you need to evaluate.

Focus on profit later. In the beginning, as long as you are making the money you spent back, you will be succeeding.

Because that is $1,000 worth of patients you’re attracting from that investment, and if you can get a decent number of them to come back to your clinic long term, you’ll be making the profit that you desired initially.

This is how the expert investors think, and I encourage you to follow this. If you focus on return OF investment, you will find that over time your revenue will increase. It is how my business became successful, and if you listen to my advice, yours could do the same.

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