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How Covid-19 Has Changed Physical Therapy

March 2020 marked the start of a new era of the world and, as you all know, not a particularly good one. We found ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic.

Thousands were dying, hospitals were overwhelmed with patients, doctors ran out of personal protective equipment (PPE), and the world pretty much shut down, and with it the economy.

Businesses everywhere were hurting, dying even, and many found themselves unemployed.

It only took a couple of weeks for me to realize that this was no passing-by storm, we were in this for the long term. And so, I quickly adapted.

I changed the way my businesses ran and took advantage of this unique time, knowing that the majority of my competitors would not be.

Adapting To The New Reality

This was a prime opportunity for healthcare services, including physical therapy, but I had to change the way my business ran to fit with the new way of life.

I really focused in on my marketing through emails and social media. Everybody was at home during this time, so all they could do was spend time on their electronics.

They were probably begging for any kind of social interaction, so receiving an email would most likely enlighten their day and their mental health.

More people would see my posts on social media, which would then lead them to watch my videos, read my case studies and blogs, listen to my podcasts, etc.

Focusing on content like this was important during the pandemic because this was what people did for entertainment while stuck at home.

Even though there was a public health crisis going on, that wouldn’t stop someone’s lower back pain or pelvic floor. They still needed physical therapy, which is why we stayed open.

We still wanted to be there for those people who needed us even though times were tough, and because we did, we remained in businesses and successful.

It was still a difficult time for us, but we made it through, and now, with the vaccine out and thriving, a better reality is beginning to emerge.

Finally, Things Are Trending Upwards

I was finally able to return to the UK recently. Before I left, I attended a marketing seminar in Orlando attended by – wait for it – 1200 people – all IN PERSON.

If you’re reading that and thinking it was a typo, it was not.

There were nearly 1200 people in the room and it was SO GOOD to see people getting back on with their lives, being allowed to take responsibility for their own lives, and allowed to use their own judgment on how to start the process of getting back to doing things they value (…like spending time with other Entrepreneurs and generating BIG IDEAS that can only flow from these types of hallway (and bar) conversations at live events).

Zoom is “okay”, but nothing beats the energy you get from being in-person.

Right now we’re in a period of time where almost all businesses, in most places, all over the world, are experiencing a bump in revenue because there’s pent up demand for ALL services (…and money that is being made available easily and sometimes freely – like never before).

But, there’s a warning.

If people are coming to you now, great! Enjoy it.

But if they’re coming to you and you don’t really know why, that’s not great. Start thinking about what you need to do RIGHT NOW to maintain it for years (…not just months) so that you’re not negatively affected.

Because if the only reason you’re busy right now is because of the pent-up demand happening all over the world, the time will come very soon where you will regret not having made changes to your marketing to protect you when the inevitable happens.

Keep An Eye On The Economy

Inflation is rising. House prices are at a ridiculously high level, gas prices are going up, the government is STILL underwriting the paycheques of most of the country (hence no one wants a real job!) and the loans everyone took out last year, that had one-year payment gaps, will soon start being repaid by businesses – all affecting cash flow and inevitably spending.

Whether it is 3 months or 6, the easy flow of cash into the pockets of businesses will come to an end.

Will you be ready when it does?

Now you might not want to think of it yet – and that’s ok.

But all of this reminds me of a great phrase from the amazing Warren Buffet:

“How you run your business in the good times determines how long the bad times last”.

As I look at all of my businesses I am delighted that they’re all doing well right now, but I am spending more time than ever making sure that we’re doing well REGARDLESS of the bubble that we’re in so that the success lasts well beyond the next few months.

If you’re a real business owner, and you’re more concerned about the LONG and LASTING success of your business and protecting your family’s income, you will love the gentle reminder that it pays to STILL BE FOCUSING on your marketing plan, EVEN IF you’re doing well right now.

And if you’re with me on that train of thought, there are two ways I can help you:

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The Covid-19 pandemic was an enormous road block that hurt a lot of companies and made business ten times harder than it already was.

It has changed the world forever, and as businesses owners, particularly in the health care industry, we need to understand how to move forward, and hopefully, you found this article helpful.

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