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How Can I Improve My Digital Marketing Strategy?

I know that your problems with digital marketing are one of, if not all of, these 3-

  • They struggle to get good leads
  • They struggle to get enough leads
  • They simply don’t know how to do it

Have you ever heard of the idiom “judging a fish on it’s ability to climb a tree”?

We have expert, top level, amazing clinicians out there, people who went to school for years to figure out how to fix peoples bodies wondering they they can’t get good results with Google ads.

Answer- because you never went to school for that!

It’s like me popping into a Physical Therapy clinic and having a go at fixing a bit of Scoliosis for someone.

Would I expect to get anywhere near good results? Of course not!

Nearly all of the top reasons a business will fail can be solved by effective marketing.

  • Running out of money- solved with effective marketing.
  • Lack of marketing- definitely solved with effective marketing.
  • Lack of innovation- by not relying on word of mouth and doctors referrals you can solve this with effective marketing.
  • Not putting customers first- a refusal to market to your audience in the right way just because you don’t want to spend the money is not putting customers first and can be solved with effective marketing.

But the biggest reason, not stated by me, but by Tony Robbins, is that people try to do it all themselves.

Here’s what he said-

Yes, you are an entrepreneur, but that doesn’t mean you have to do everything on your own. A business is only as strong as the psychology of its leader – and the ability to let go and trust others is an essential leadership trait. If you need to control everything, it’s likely you won’t succeed over the long term. Delegating is a top skill to manage a business effectively: it helps you manage your time, focus your energy on what matters most.

So what have we learned so far-

  • You are a phenomenal clinician who can get people amazing results.
  • You probably aren’t the best results from your marketing because you never went to school for that and even the attempt to do it could be losing you more business than you realise.
  • You are maybe too over reliant on word of mouth and doctors referrals due to your lack of marketing.
  • You certainly don’t want your business to fail because of ineffective marketing.

Do you have the essential leadership trait needed to let go and trust others?

If you do…

Our done for you CMO Digital Marketing Team could be the “effective marketing” solution.

Take a look at this video I made for you:

Here’s what my team can do:

  • Google Ads management – We will build, manage, and maintain your Google ads for you. We will direct the right type of ads in the right type of language to the right type of audience to get you the right type of patients.
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads management – Same as above, built, managed and maintained to grow your visibility on social media platforms.
  • Remarketing ads – If someone doesn’t buy on your ads then we remarket to them so they keep seeing your business for their particular problem without having to revisit your website.
  • Social media posting/management – we’ll run your Facebook and Instagram accounts making posts on your behalf, specific to you and your audience and relevant to the seasons of your business and offers/promotions happening inside of your business.
  • Google My Business reviews/updates – we’ll let Google and anyone looking at your Google page know that you’re open and that you’re RELEVANT with 2x Google My Business updates per month (…this is fantastic for natural SEO/high ranking)
  • Optimized blog writing with SEO to get you higher up the rankings – we’ll look at what people are searching for about your business and in your area, and write a BLOG for your website to make sure that it’s you they find first (this is precisely the kind of SEO that Google rewards for…)
  • Funnels for in-clinic workshops – every quarter we’ll put together and run one workshop campaign for you.
  • Print media ads/content – we have a treasure chest of newspaper ads and postcards that are proven to get the phone ringing … we can custom tailor these ads for your practice for your specific type of patients.
  • Referral for reward competitions – we will take the lead on referral competitions for you that can happen via email or on your social media.
  • Video editing – Alongside your quarterly branding and strategy pack we will look for fresh video content. Also, with our research you will find that we might need a certain video from time to time. We will let you know the framework and we will then brand, edit and highly produce your content.
  • CRM management/list cleansing – one of the most valuable assets a business owner has is the LIST of patients. It has cost you a lot of money to build that list, we will look after it for you and segment it so that you can communicate with people about the right thing, at the right time…

Learn more by clicking here.

PLUS- The CMO Team will build, manage, and SEO one of two types of websites for your business.

  • Main business website– We will build you a brand-new business website specifically built to generate leads. FINALLY move away from the overly clinical, boring websites of old and have your website actually do something positive for your business.
  • Authority site– If you are happy with your main site then become a specialist, pick a condition or area that you want to be known for and we will make you an authority in that field with a website that shows you as the go to person.

FINALLY– you can focus on treating patients OR better yet growing your business. Buy yourself the time back AND get better results in the process.

AND….. you now don’t need to hire a mega expensive marketing person, deal with the taxes, the onboarding, the vacation time, the sick days, and then the risk that they will hand in their notice too and you have to start the expensive process all over again.

I know you might be “doing” some of this already but have a look at it, what is it doing for you? Could it be done better? How much time are you spending doing this?

The CMO Team would only need to generate a few more patients a month and they pay for themselves, that’s it.

You get 6-7 marketing specialists in your business implementing all of the marketing strategies above for the less than an average marketing person or just the cost of an extra couple of patients a month.

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