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How Can I Grow My Company And Increase Profitability?

Every conversation will sound something like, “but I work really hard. I put lots of effort in this business. I worked really hard for this company.” 

And what they’re saying is, “I can’t really define what I actually did.” 

My parents have raised me to be a good guy and work hard, right? 

So, what you’ll hear in an organization is “I’ve worked hard”… but I didn’t employ you to work hard. I would rather you work easy. Just make me 20 grand. 

I live every day of my life looking for the easiest way to make the most money, have the most fun. 

I don’t want to work hard to do that. Who says that I have to work hard to do that? 

Some instances I have to work hard, but there’s no direct correlation between working hard and making money. 

What I don’t really want is a bunch of employees who think that just because they work hard, that’s all they have to do. 

Ultimately, we have to hit a target. We have to hit an outcome. 

Stuff has to happen that I can clearly measure. 

And at the end of the day, whatever way we dress it up, it all bubbles back up to this business to make money. 

Taxes exist because a business makes money. That’s it. 

The dental industry has the fastest way to profitability because they spend more time on high spending activities. 

This is what the dentists do; optimize their calendar, market at the highest spending, and have a large scope of service. 

I never hear an ad for my dentist for a checkup. It’s always about an implant that costs about ten grand. 

It’s what’s really interesting the more I thought of this…

So, dentists charge more for implants than fillings, and more for fillings than a checkup. It’s the same dentist in the same chair, same skills, same qualification. Everything is the same. 

But for some reason we tell ourselves that we, as physical therapists, can’t do that. 

How do we justify it? 

But again, this person goes to the dentist every six months, sits in the same chair and pays a hundred times more. Sometimes for the same dentist, for the same chair, for the same people, for the same things. 

Why are you charging the same rate for everything you do? 

I’m just challenging you. I might not have an answer for you, but I’ve got a question. 

When you get the question, we get progress. 

So. why are you charging the same rate for everything you do? 

It’s another self-imposed constraint. 

You call the dentist, they always have a spot for you. If you want an implant. They always have a space in the schedule for the highest rate. 

Your receptionist is probably saying no to certain people who would be spending more money. 

My question is, do they even know? Are you giving them a chance to be successful for you? 

They just think all patients are created equal, all appointments are created equal. 

It’s not their job to understand that. Some of you are going to make more money just by changing this simple process, making sure that everybody who answers the phone understands what the highest billing code and service is and always have the calendar for it.