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Habit Force vs Force Of Habit

Habit Force vs Force Of Habit

What’s the difference? 

Another thing that Dan Kennedy taught me was the idea that 80% of people have the habits of the 80%, and that’s what keeps them stuck at 80%. 

I’ll say that again, 80% of the people in the world have the habits of 80% of the people, and that’s what keeps them stuck in 80% of the people. 

 And really what it is, is that the majority of people, the masses, if you like, have an average life. 

They have an average life because they do what the rest of the world does. 

It makes sense that if you follow the crowd, you do the thing that everybody else does. 

You have the habits of 80%. You’ll have the life of 80%. And really what we’ve got to do is break away from the idea that you have the force of habit controlling your life. 

What you’ve got instead, or should aim for, is habit force.

And the two things are very different. 

One is, for example, I’ve got my phone and many people would say it’s a force of habit that they go on Facebook and it’s a habit force not to go on Facebook. 

It’s a force of habit to lay in in a morning. 

It’s a habit force to go to the gym. 

And the most important thing is the habit force, where you actively, almost aggressively force this standard, this way of living in your life, whether it’s to read, whether it’s to learn, whether it’s to invest in yourself, whatever it is.  

It’s a force of habit rather than a habit force. 

A habit force is what controls most people’s lives. 

And they think that they have no control over it. 

And that’s why most people really feel as though they’re not in control of their life because they succumb to a force of habit and they think that there is no other way. 

One of the things that I learned very early was that you have a habit force and you have to force that habit, whether it’s fitness, education, investment, whether it’s to travel, to spend time with your kids, whether it’s to just do the right thing…  

If you force that and make it a habit, then ultimately your life becomes very, very different in the end and you become one of the 20%, rather than one of the 80% whose habits are of the 80% that keep them stuck in the 80%. 

So, there you go, habit force vs force of habit. 

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