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With Paul’s Google Ads Team, I’m Adding About 3 Patients Every Week


Matt Calhoun
Matt Calhoun, Dynamic Health

Life, for Matt Calhoun, has admittedly became a lot easier since he started using Google Ads.

“I did it myself for over a year and had some success with increased leads, but I didn’t know what I was doing,’’ he told us. “I didn’t know how to properly measure my success, how to adjust my strategy based on the numbers I was seeing.”

“It was taking up tons of time and I didn’t know what I was doing, to be honest. I handed it over to the Paul Gough team because I wanted a dedicated, knowledgeable team to be monitoring and adjusting my ads and ad spend on a regular basis, while reporting the results to me in a way I could understand.’’

The results have since been immeasurably improved. Based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, Dynamic Health Physiotherapy is a small hybrid clinic (consisting of insurance and private pay with two PTs, a massage therapist, two admin staff and a clinic manager.

“I felt I had to make a shift because I didn’t have many clients and the leads definitely weren’t reliable.

Matt added: “Before Google I was relying on building my business through word of mouth and lots of face to face visits with local doctors. I had a Facebook page but didn’t post much and didn’t do much paid content. Everything I was trying to do meant I had to keep doing it and repeating it and that was costing me so much time”

“I wanted to grow beyond running a solo practice, which I was at the time. I also wanted more online visibility because my website wasn’t as highly ranked as my competitors in the area.”

After trying it himself, before appreciating the benefits of handing it over to Paul’s Google Team, Matt admitted: “The immediate difference I have found is that it has freed up my time and energy. I can see the work getting done and I just need to jump in for small changes and reviewing results. Reporting is so much clearer and I love being able to easily view and review the calls that are coming in from the ads.’’

And the benefits and bonuses? “The big boost so far has been a more efficient ad spend and increased time for me to focus on other areas of the business, like improving our sales process with the incoming leads.’’

The fact that the leads Matt has picked up have been typically well qualified and easy to book has also helped his business to grow.

“3 patient per week spending $850 – I’m very happy with that” He added: “I’m now getting more leads, more predictably and I’m closing about 3 patients every week from my Google Ads. Each patient spends $850 (which is a lot here in Canada, so I’m very happy with the return.

Matt concluded: “We plan to continue to work with the Google Geeks on the PG team to improve our ad performance and also work on our internal processes to better convert incoming leads. We really want to add another PT to our team, so we need consistent leads and lead conversion.”

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