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“Could They Be WRONG About the ECONOMY…”

This is a long message, so pull up a chair to read it:

As you scroll through social media or watch the news, it is easy to believe that everything is “all bad”.

The media exist to have you believe that the world is always getting worse.

No matter what decade it is, they will say it’s worse than years gone by.

Even when there is more money around than ever – it is still worse.

Even when there are more jobs around than ever – it is still worse.

No matter what, it is always worse.

The media have a choice of putting out a good news story about a small business owner like you making a million and giving 7 people in his or her town 7 good jobs…

… but they choose instead to ignore it in favour of the latest prediction on rising inflation and how it “MIGHT” bring the whole world to a halt.

They will tell you that inflation in “America is bad” or in the “U.K. is bad“… what they aren’t telling you is that it is the same in every country, everywhere in the world.

They want you to be angry that it is happening in your country and by excluding the FACT that it is also happening everywhere else, they know it gets you even angrier and more likely to tune in again tomorrow to watch it.

And have you ever noticed how news anchors talk?

It is always “they say this might happen…”, “it could happen…”, “It’s possible that”, and “it’s thought that…”.

Most of what they say is never actually happening or will ever happen.

They also make massive, sweeping generalizations such as, “the economy is bad”.

And yet anyone who understands this subject knows there’s really no such thing as ‘the’ economy, it is specific to each individual person… (meaning you can control your own…)

Their view is that you and I are all the same and we all have to be swept into their often NEGATIVE projection and prediction.

As for social media, that was supposed to be the greatest invention of its time and yet frankly, it does nothing more than give people a megaphone for shouting about how difficult life is, and or showcasing a great life they haven’t got that makes others feel inferior.

The problem with them talking about “how difficult life is”, is that it does nothing to consider the FACT that what is difficult for one person is EASY for another.

I find getting out of bed or reading a book quite easy. It appears that most of the world thinks both to be hard.

If you’re not careful, you end up sucked into all of this madness.

Just yesterday, I read about a “poll” that was taken recently…

The pollster asked 100 people if they thought the world was going to get better or worse in the coming 5 years.

87% said worse.

What makes me laugh is that unbeknown to all 87% of these people, the reason it WILL undoubtedly get worse is that they have already told themselves it will.

(Most people really do get what they look for in this life).

The point of this little rant?

It’s a timely reminder to switch off from all of the crap and hype that is being piddled around you – wherever you live – and get on with doing everything you can to make sure that the conversation about things like inflation or rising gas prices NEVER makes its way to your house.

If it sounds arrogant, good.

Call me arrogant. (Send your email to

Better arrogant and brash about all this than a miserable broken record, stuck on repeat, whingeing about how bad everything is or how bleak the future is.

In 2023, make it your sole mission to be exempt from the miserable conversations that people around you are having about things that they’ll still be moaning about this time next year – regardless of who the president or prime minister is.

When inflation is sorted out, they’ll be moaning about something else – probably and predictably their boss, their partner, their children’s lack of respect, a politician, etc., etc., or whatever else they can find that they like to moan about.

Anyways, here’s the point:

Your success in the months ahead will have a huge amount to do with your willingness and ability to ignore the lies and media hype and STUBBORNLY refuse to buy into what everyone around you believes (unless they are richer and happier).

One of them is that you can’t be a success in this economy as a business owner.

Excuse me, you absolutely can!

But only if more people know you exist and want to spend their money with you.

The real truth is that you CAN’T be successful in business if no one knows you exist.

Trying to be successful in 2023 without marketing your practice – to make people aware that you exist – is a surefire way to struggle through it.

Now more than ever, marketing is going to be the thing that gets you up and over – well over – any possible economic challenges in your town in the coming 12 months.

For most, it is as simple as finding someone to execute a robust marketing plan.

It isn’t to do it yourself…

It isn’t to ask your front desk girl to do it when/if she gets time…

And it isn’t to ask your PTs to go out and do it for you when they aren’t seeing patients…

None of those are real or credible solutions that will work.

The only one that is?

Hire someone. 

Hire someone who knows marketing, loves marketing, and wants to spend all of their time on it for you.

Hire someone who can write emails, and implement a social media calendar across all major platforms…

…hire someone who can go Google and Facebook paid ads as well as build you a WEBSITE that positions you as THE leading expert in your town and not just another run-of-the-mill PT.

Get this hire right and watch the difference it makes to your ability to grow in 2023.

I guess the question is, do you want some help finding one??

If so, you are in luck…

Paul Gough Media has an office full of them and we MIGHT be able to rent one to you…

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To sum this up:

“We have great marketers, you probably need one!”

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