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Matt’s Story of Success: Record Breaking Weeks & Best-Ever Months

Matt Calhoun | Dynamic Health Physiotherapy | Canada

Only SIX months into 2021 and it became a quite a successful year for Matt Calhoun. 

Record weeks and months, new staff additions, less hours in the treatment room and expanding into extra – and much-needed! – space.  

For, based in Fredericton, NB, Canada, business is, well…. Dynamic! 

Matt is a big part of Paul’s World, a regular attendee at Mastermind Events and has recently taken advantage of the Private Practice Marketer team to take care of his online ads and ramp them up, with more leads coming in as a result. 

He smiled: “This year has been a story of success with record-breaking weeks, record-breaking months, hiring new PTs and hiring a new marketing assistant. 

With the new PTs and other staff, we are running low on space. We plan to double our current clinic area by expanding into the neighboring unit in our building. We are excited to add some gym space, more private treatment areas, a welcoming waiting room, and more room for staff to chart, hold meetings, and eat too! 

“And adding another full time PT and a part time PT has let me cut back on my treatment hours. I have scaled back to about 14 or 15 hours per week usually. While I can increase or decrease this based on what is going on in the clinic, it gives me more freedom to choose, which is exciting to me!” 

And Matt added: “Online marketing off my plate and gradually improved our incoming leads. We have had steady growth since then, doubling our patient volume from a year ago!” 

I Signed Up and the Rest is History

Dynamic Health is a hybrid model including private pay, insurance, motor vehicle claims, and workers comp. Their Perfect Patient is Kathy – very similar to Paul’s avatar – aged 55+, active and social, concerned with maintaining her health so she can do things with her friends and family. 

Matt’s journey with Paul started with Facebook Ads back in 2015.  

He said: “I started listening to his podcast and watching his YouTube videos. I stayed on the sidelines, watching and listening until 2016 when I bought some of his courses. I signed up for the Cash Is King newsletter and decided to attend my first Mastermind event as a guest in Nashville in 2019. I signed up at that event and the rest is history. 

“It was a great time and I was excited to learn from and meet so many amazing business owners.  

“From that one event, I took home information that quickly set my business on a new trajectory and paid for my first year’s membership (and future trips for events) nearly right away.” 

“Since I signed up I have attended all the Mastermind events, either in person or virtually. Now I’m just waiting for that border to open up again so I can get back to the in-person events!” 

Like so many of you reading this publication and who have been implementing Paul’s programs to great success, Matt is someone who appreciates the community aspect, as well as following Paul’s outlook and ideals to great effect, both professionally and personally. 


The Two Key Aspects of This Community

Matt admitted: “I gravitated to Paul’s attitude and way of speaking right away. I’m typically a worrier and slow to action by nature so I found his message and early focus on tactics helpful 

“I mostly thought of him as a marketing guy early on. Later, as Paul has focused on and taught more about strategic thinking and team building, that has been the driving force behind my clinic’s growth and improved organization. I could see that Paul was growing and adapting as a leader too, and helping to bring us all along for the ride. 

“And, for me, there are two main aspects that make this group so important as a private practice owner. 

“Firstly it is about having a supportive community of like-minded individuals who understand the daily struggles that we go through. This group has helped me deal with everything from coming to terms with the fact that my family won’t always understand why we choose to be entrepreneurs to dealing with the fallout of a global pandemic. There is no substitute for a supportive community.  

“And secondly, access to so much helpful information and coaching is endlessly beneficial. I have learned more and grown more as a person since joining this group than in the rest of my adult life. That’s not an exaggeration.” 


A Clear Message From the Top

And that information, the coaching, the clear message, the direction from the top of this Planet, constantly put out during 2020, at a time when many businesses were struggling to cope, struggling to adapt to new rules and regulations, was vital for so many. Matt included. 

He said: “Early 2020 was off to a great start. I was seeing regular growth and starting to focus more on how to improve our internal systems and marketing strategy. I went to the March 2020 Mastermind event in New Orleans full of excitement and ready to see what I could do next with the business. 

“By the time I got back from the event, Canada was closing the border and everything was shutting down. We had to close the clinic to in-person visits. I was VERY worried about the future of the business, but I kept up with the calls that Paul and the team put together to help us navigate all aspects of ‘the new normal’, including doing online visits, looking at ways to improve your business and better train your staff.  

“I started doing virtual appointments and tried to learn as much as I could to improve and organize the clinic as much as I could.  

“By May we were able to open up to in-person visits again and people started to come back. I hired new front desk staff, promoted another staff member to ops manager, and really focused on training and goal setting.  

“We implemented the regular use of scorecards for all positions and now hold regular weekly meetings to go over results of the previous week and train on issues that come up. We are now seeing the difference and, moving forward, we are excited about our journey.” 


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