Why Direct Marketing Is Delivering More Patients Than Most Clinics Give Credit For

In this Audio Experience I talk a little about Facebook - and how it’s changed so rapidly lately as a source of new leads for a Practice…

As well as that, I talk about how in the world of Direct Marketing, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to pin-down EXACTLY what activity you did, was responsible for the call…

That doesn’t mean it isn’t working - it’s just getting harder to track. Big difference.

The DANGER of that is this: it’s tempting to run an ad and if you don’t get told by the patient - within a few days - that it was directly from “that” one particular Marketing Campaign, you can easily think it isn’t working…

Yet, it’s often the case that they will see you somewhere FIRST - like a Newspaper Ad or a Facebook Video - and that influenced their decision to consider you, and then, when they are ready, they will head over to your Website to make the call…

That means when you or your receptionist asks, “How did you hear about us?” - They will tell you, “the internet”.

But was it really the internet? - Or was that just the last place the person looked to find your number?

I put it to you that accepting and understanding this fundamental shift in people’s behaviour patterns, could be the key to your clinics long-term prosperity and marketing success…

Thumbnail image: Here I am with an incredible top PT Clinic Owner from Phoenix, AZ, Eric Bloom - outside the White House in Washington D.C. after a great day of learning and talking business at my “More Cash, More Profits” 3-Day Workshop.

For more details on the “More Cash, More Profits” 3-Day Workshop that Paul runs across the US and at his clinic in the UK, go here: www.ptprofitacademy.com/profits-workshop

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