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Are You Missing Out on Financial Success?

Let’s revisit my trip to Cleveland to see Dan Kennedy, and explain the importance of identifying your target audience, repelling those who don’t fit your target market, and communicating effectively to grow your business.

If you are avoiding to market, you will be at a significant financial disadvantage, so keep reading to learn how to stand out in a crowded market and take your business to the next level.

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If you are either marketing averse or marketing inept, then you are at a huge financial disadvantage. 

And again, I’ve worked with professionals. Not exclusively but, a lot, for a long time, and when you go to school and you spend however many years in school you spend, in order to get this technical, or clinical, skill set, it is understandable that you think that’s the Holy Grail, right? 

And, of course, you were sold that when you picked a career and went to school for it too. 

So, professionals think that that’s the Holy Grail. 

And if I’m doing something meaningful and important with a high level of clinical or technical skill, that ought to be enough, right? 

If I’m healing the sick and they can throw away their walkers and play the piano again and write that ought to be enough. 

And there was a day when it was, but it was right around 1940 where mostly there was one. 

One barber, one family doctor, one hardware store, one whatever. And if you hung up the sign, you won. 

And right around 1950 to 1955, that started to change dramatically. 

And of course, now it is not true at all. 

We have no need hardly anywhere for another anything. 

You know, they’ve used up all the places to open a Starbucks. 

So, they’re now opening Starbucks in the restrooms of Starbucks. 

That’s what they’re down to. We don’t need another coffee shop. 

You can’t be just another alternative, in any field. 

And the argument that you’re clinically better than the other guy is not good enough because nobody can tell, at least until they’ve had 60 treatments. 

Because there’s no consumer’s blood test. I can’t come to you on a Tuesday and go to someone else on a Thursday and evaluate from there. 

So those claims are just the ante to being in the game. 

The clinical and the technical are just the anti to be in the game. 

Then it’s the ability to do all of the things that we kind of love under the umbrella of marketing. 

It’s the ability to figure out who you want to be for who you want to attract. 

And the worst answer in the world is: Anybody and Everybody.

So, what is my service orientation? 

Who is my consumer? Who is my avatar? Who do I want to be here? 

I teach people to figure out a five list all the time of the five things, in this case, that would be true about a patient for your practice that would make them a slam dunk. 

If somebody had three of those five and they come in the door and they get a presentation from you, they’re a slam dunk. 

They’re in, and then you’ve got to go after people that match up with that hand. 

And you got to deliberately repel a bunch of people that don’t match up with that hand. 

They may be fine with somebody else’s patient, but they don’t fit you. 

And they’re just going to clog up your system, raise your overhead, and cause your staff problems, and all of that. So that has to be done. 

Then you have got to make sure you’ve made yourself a true match for that market in every concurrent way possible. 

And then you’ve got to be able to find them, reach them, and communicate effectively with them your story. 

Then you need a process for, they raise their hand, they get communicated with, they come in right to you. 

So all of that is marketing stuff, right? It’s not clinical stuff. 


P.S – Watch the FULL video interview on my YouTube channel here: ⁠