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An EPIC End To The Financial Skills & Annual Planning Workshop World Tour

That’s a wrap. Our World Tour has come to an end.

We’ve just returned from Sydney after an EPIC Financial Skills & Annual Planning Workshop. Huge thanks to all that attended, we cannot wait to come back!

During our World Tour, we helped PTs and clinic owners ‘understand the numbers’ and talked about getting the best out of their annual planning to gain leverage from their assets in their business to have more success all in a span of two days.

We had stops in Orlando, Dublin, and Sydney as part of our world tour and it was fantastic getting to connect business owners from all over the world at these events.

It does not stop there, the lesson learned over these events is that regardless of what you think you know, there is always more to understand and there will always be something you’ve forgotten. Honing these skills is the key to gaining more leverage from your assets in your business that will see you having more and better choices in life.

It was not all business, which is the best part about our events and this community, as we met up with Sydney’s very own CEO James Becerra! It was great getting to meet up and spend quality time with him and his colleague Harry.

We talked business, life, and little bit of cricket here and there to top off an amazing evening. But then we did get back to business, we promise…

On day 1, we showed business owners how to better understand their numbers, what numbers are need to know, what they mean. We talked about how to analyze your business’s financial performance and provided business owners financial clarity when it comes to their numbers. After speaking to over 1000s of practice owners from all over the world, the one thing that they all tell us is that they’re “confused by their numbers”. Our goal of these events are to give business owners the clarity  they need in order to master the most important aspects of business.

Day 2, we worked to map out the entire 2023 ANNUAL PLAN and BUDGET for clinic owners. Growing your business comes down to planning, understanding the problems you as a business owner will face in 2023, and knowing how they will take on and fight the problem.

Proximity is key in understanding the problems you face and it is important that you recognize and keep them close if you want to achieve what you want in 2023 and beyond.

In just two days, we covered so much. We talked about marketing and where to start when it comes to making a marketing plan that will be successful for your business.

We discussed the importance of understanding the numbers and how it can effect your growth if you don’t have any clue on where to start.

We tackled the people problem and how hiring is one of the biggest challenges a business will face, and we covered annual planning and how to get the most out of that plan in 2023.

So the event was a HUGE success. BUT this is not where it finishes. Success and getting ahead of the problems you will face in 2023 does not start and stop with a 2 day event like this one.

Annual planning and financial skills are something that you as a business owner need to get more of an understanding on, because they can take your business forward. We always tell people in our world and people that want to join that honing in on these skills and learning more about the things can make you more successful in business and life.

Understanding the importance of the skills and picking up more along the way will help you have a more successful and better 2023.

Thank you for all of you who attended and we are looking forward to your growth this year and in the years to come! See you soon!


The Paul Gough Team

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