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6 Things Your PT Marketing Assistant Should Be Doing – But Isn’t

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Your marketing assistant can be either your greatest asset or your greatest frustration when it comes to marketing your physical therapy clinic.

A lot of clinic owners know that they need a marketing assistant to help bring in new patients – but they just aren’t sure what that assistant should be doing all day.

Whether your marketing assistant is full-time or part-time, there are some really simple things that they should be doing to build a marketing campaign for your PT clinic.

Make sure that your assistant is doing these 6 things:

1. Posting on Social Media

This is the simplest one. Every young adult in this day and age knows how to operate social media platforms, and a great chunk of them know how to do it well.

So why are you wasting your time doing social media marketing when you could have your assistant working on it for you, allowing you can focus on other, bigger projects?

The key to social media marketing is consistency.

A lot of PTs claim they are “doing social media” because they have a poorly set up account that they post on once every quarter.

Not good enough.

Your marketing assistant should develop a scheduling calendar and post regularly on social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and even Google My Business.

Yes, your perfect patient IS searching for your clinic on social media. And don’t make them think your clinic is closed because you haven’t posted in the last 3 months.

2. Writing Your Blog

Any good marketing assistant is a strong writer.

So if you’re hiring, make sure that your marketing assistant job description includes not only marketing skills, but also strong writing skills.

All you have to do is give your marketing assistant the topic to write about, and perhaps film a short video of you discussing the topic. If your assistant is a good writer and marketer, she can employ her marketing experience to transform your spoken word into an awesome blog post for your clinic that is written in your own words.

And best, you could even use that video and have your assistant post it on social media and on YouTube to get even further traction.

Not sure what to write about on your blog? Reach out to Team Paul. We have a team of experts that can give your marketing assistant the exact questions and topics your perfect patient is searching for.

3. Getting Your Clinic Reviews on Google

How many reviews does your clinic have on Google? And when was the most recent?

Your perfect patients ARE checking your Google reviews, so if you aren’t getting a steady stream of them regularly, your marketing strategy is lacking.

Your marketing assistant should be working with your front desk to ask patients to give reviews – and following up to see if they do.

4. Following Up With Leads

If you aren’t following up with past leads, you are missing a HUGE opportunity to double or triple your clinic’s revenue.

Don’t underestimate the power of email marketing.

At the very least, your marketing assistant should be sending out one email per month to your contact list, asking your patients how they are doing and get them to come back in for another visit.

5. Sending a Monthly Newsletter

How can your patients know about what your clinic has to offer if you don’t tell them?

Start a monthly newsletter – either digitally through email – or by mail to let your patients know about what is going on in your clinic.

Perhaps share tips on back pain, passages from your latest blog post and don’t forget a well-worded call to action to invite them to book a visit.

Your marketing team can even follow up with those who click on certain links in your newsletter – if someone’s clicking on a link to read a blog on back pain, chances are they are experiencing back pain and could use your help…

6. Updating Your Website

Your assistant doesn’t need to be a web developer in order to make basic updates to your website.

Are you offering a new webinar or workshop? Your assistant can make a landing page for people to sign up.

Your website should also be updated regularly with new content (blogs, testimonials, videos, etc.) to be sure that everything is relevant for your patients. Delegate that marketing task to your assistant.


Make sure that as a physical therapist and business owner, you are focusing on the bigger picture tasks of running your clinic. Let your assistant focus on creating the marketing materials and run the digital marketing for your clinic.

With a bit of guidance and direction, your clinic’s marketing can be run without you having to micromanage every aspect of the day-to-day responsibilities.

So, if you aren’t 100% sure that your marketing assistant is doing the best work to bring your clinic more leads – start them out on these 6 easy tasks to bring your marketing management up to par.

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