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The 5 Best Facebook Ad Retargeting Strategies You Should Be Using

Have you ever been shopping on Target’s website, but decided not to purchase anything, then seen a Target ad pop-up on your Facebook ads in you feed? (Happens to us all the time.)

Today, I’m going to teach you how it’s done! We are going over our most successful retargeting on Facebook strategies that you NEED to be using.

Facebook ad strategies for retargeting is vital to a successful ad campaign, as it tends to bring the thought of whatever you were searching for on Target’s website back into your head. There are 12 different ways to do this, and I’m going to show you my five favorites.

Customer List

Utilizing your email list is key when it comes to Facebook retargeting. Once you have imported this list into Facebook, you can even create a lookalike list to expand that audience.

This will include people within the same age range who have the same interests, jobs, and hobbies. You can also focus on a specific pain point and retarget to a segmented group of emails. For example, have an email that focused primarily on back pain?

Let’s create a back pain campaign and retarget to everyone who  previously opened that email or clicked on a relevant link. This can really increase conversation rate, as these leads will be much warmer.


If you’ve worked with Paul’s team in Online Domination, then you know one of our favorite retargeting strategies is to use a video.

We typically upload a video no longer than two minutes and collect an audience using ThruPlays (those who viewed at least 15 seconds of the video).

This makes the audience much warmer, compared to those who only watched the first two seconds and then scrolled past.

Facebook page and Instagram account

Let’s say you have a decent social media following, but you haven’t built up your email list yet – this is the best strategy for you! You can retarget to those who have interacted with your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

There are a few ways to do this, but I include ANYONE who has engaged with our page within the last 365 days – whether they took action on our ads, left a comment, or shared a post.

Though, either of these options could be beneficial to you and your marketing strategy.

Lead Form

This allows you to retarget to those who have previously opened a lead form on your ad. This is great for targeting users who may not have filled out the first ad form and need a reminder to fill out the new, current form you are promoting.

Retargeting with a lead form also allows you to exclude those who have opened a lead form. Why would we want to exclude an audience?

Maybe since they have already filled out/clicked on the form, we don’t want them to see another ad with a different offer.

For example, our first lead generation ad promoted $35 Discovery Visits, and our second ad offered $27 Discovery Visits. The person who paid for a $35 Discovery Visit would probably not be too happy when they see you are promoting the same appointment for less.

This could also be helpful when you don’t want the same person signing up for multiple offers.

As you can see below, you are able to target anyone who previously filled out the form, and if you want to include or exclude them from your audience.


Ah, the tried-and-true method for Facebook retargeting. To retarget people from your website, you must have a Facebook Pixel installed.

It’s a code you enter on the back end of your website that helps businesses increase their ROI. The best part about the Facebook Pixel is once you’ve installed it, it will continue to record data from your website and send updates to Facebook.

The Pixel can boost ad reach, improve conversions, and enhance brand awareness. If you haven’t installed your Pixel onto your website – this is your sign!

When it comes to retargeting, remember the “rule of 7.” A prospect patient has to be exposed to your offer or brand at least seven times before they even consider making an appointment – which is why retargeting is so important.

I hope these tips helped you on your retargeting journey


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