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4 Books Every Physical Therapist MUST Read to Consistently Generate New Leads for Your Clinic

Books for Physical TherapistsWhile in PT school you likely were required to read books about anatomy, treating patients, analyzing pain points and learning how to help ease body pain.

Yet, most physical therapists agree that upon graduation from PT school they were left severely lacking when it comes to training about such essential subjects as how to generate new patients, how to market their clinics, how to hire excellent staff, and overall, how to run a business.

As a private practice owner, there is so much more to the patient experience than just the time they spend physically in your clinic getting their treatment.

That patient’s experience began much earlier when they came across your blog post on a search engine. Then, they considered your online reviews to build trust in your PT clinic.

Next, they found your clinic’s social media and were targeted with email marketing to encourage them to book a call to visit your clinic.

As you can see, your marketing efforts make a HUGE difference when determining which potential patients will come visit your physical therapy clinic. As a result, you should always make sure that your marketing plan and marketing strategy are always top notch to present the best possible impression of you clinic for any new leads that might come across your clinic.

These 4 books will train you on how to be a better private practice owner and leader of your clinic by giving you the knowledge and the confidence to raise your rates, hire a rock star team of people you can trust and market your services using the most up to date systems that are proven to work in physical therapy clinics around the world.

1. The New Patient Accelerator Method

Discover the principles behind some of the world’s most successful cash pay marketing campaigns – and turn your clinic into a magnet attracting patients happy to pay in cash.

Marketing BookIf you are a cash pay clinic owner struggling to get a predictable flow of cash patients OR, you are an insurance based business owner fed up with low paying insurance companies, perhaps considering how you can get more cash pay patients so you can make more profit, this book is perfect for you.

And what if there was an alternative to accepting “peanuts” from insurance companies who pay barely enough to keep the doors open – never mind take home a profit?

This book is that alternative and Paul Gough – one of the world’s first physical therapists to scale a successful cash pay clinic beyond one location – shares with you his exact system for attracting more cash pay patients, making more profit – and still getting home by 5pm each night.

2. To Sell is Healthy

Sales BookDiscover how to confidently, ethically and professionally sell your physical therapy services.

This book will give you the unshakable confidence to sell your physical therapy services – at twice the price you are now.

This is a MUST READ for any Private Practice Owner who feels worried or guilty about what their patients will think about raising prices in your clinic.

Instead of worrying over being judged by patients or peers, or living in fear of rejection to what you’re selling, learn the principles of the revolutionary Effortless Selling System that’ll turn you into a magnet for certainty and confidence attracting more patients than you can handle.

3. Leadership in Private Practice

Discover how your Private Practice could be more profitable if you weren’t treating patients, all day, every day!

Leadership BookThis is a MUST READ for any Private Practice Owner who wants to remove themselves from the day-to-day running of their business and build a team of players who can run their business without having to be in the office every day.

Leadership in Private Practice challenges your existing beliefs about leadership and exposes the real reasons so many healthcare professionals struggle to be great business owners.

This book will force you to re-imagine, re-think and re-organize your view of business leadership and expose what is really required to finally create a profitable private practice that doesn’t have you shackled to the treatment room 24/7, 365.

4. The Physical Therapy Hiring Solution

Discover the “Outcomes Based Hiring” system for PT’s – and turn your clinic into a magnet for attracting world-class people willing and able to solve your biggest business problems…

The Physical Therapy Hiring SolutionEnd your clinic’s hiring frustration and discover the principles behind some of the most successful hiring decisions of the world’s top PT Clinic owners.

Whether you are about to make your very first hire, or you have made many hiring mistakes already, this book is for you.

This book offers a NEW approach to hiring that puts outcomes, values and skills ahead of personality and experience. Dismissing the traditional, yet proven to be ineffective methods for recruiting and hiring staff, it presents a NEW system for finding, hiring and training world-class people you can trust to grow your physical therapy clinic.

Don’t get overwhelmed planning the marketing for your physical therapy clinic. These 4 books walk you step-by-step through the most common questions and struggles that physical therapists go through as business owners.

And best of all… they are written BY a physical therapist, FOR a physical therapist so all the first hand knowledge will be immediately applicable to your clinic, written in a way that is easy to understand and implement.

So what are you waiting for? Order your copies today!

And…if you are just starting out as a PT and aren’t sure where to begin when starting your business… check out this article “How to Start a Physical Therapy Business.”

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