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When Was The Last Time You Intentionally Became Uncomfortable? With James Lawrence

In life, the bully is loud. It’s relentless, and he’s saying “I told you, you’re not good enough. You didn’t deserve to be here. You haven’t sacrificed, you’re not a winner. A loser. Go. Home quit.” 

Why do we listen to this voice inside of our head, instead of overpowering them and becoming the best at who we are and progressing on our journey?

I just don’t understand it. To grow, to adapt, and to evolve, we need to become uncomfortable intentionally. Only then will we meet the best version of who we are and truly find out what we can accomplish. 

When was the last time you intentionally became uncomfortable? 

Meaning, when was the last time you isolated your fears, broke them down, and attacked them with the goal to become more comfortable in that area in our lives? 

Fears are just emotions, yet it’s paralyzing every single one of us in an irrational manner. 

It’s stopping you. Trust me, I woke up scared every single day on day number one. 

It was so hot outside I threw up violently from heat stroke. In Hawaii, I threw up so hard that my diaphragm got stuck open. I didn’t know how to fix it. I had massive acid reflux for two days. I called my chiropractor. 

I said, “how do we fix this?” 

He said, “It’s easy. Just lay down on the ground. We’ll have someone punch you in the chest. It’ll close your diaphragm.” 

I said, “what? No, we can’t do that.” 

He’s like, “no, it’s how you do it.” 

When I was planning the 50k, I wasn’t like, OK, learn to dislodge diaphragm. 

That’s not part of the game plan in life. 

You’re going to come across challenges that are going to try to stop you and you’ve got to be ready to figure those out. 

I laid down on the ground he punched me in the chest. We heard my diaphragm close shut. 

You wake up scared every single day. 

After that, we make it to day 18, further than anybody thought.  

I’m in Chattanooga, TN. It’s 106 degrees outside. I lost concentration for two seconds and while I was riding my bike, I fell asleep and I crashed. 

I hit the ground, hip swells up instantly. I’m in a lot of pain. I don’t know how to get back on my bike at this point. 

But he who has their way to live can bear almost any how. 

We were raising money for charity. 

We’re doing it through a 5K every single night and my daughter Lucy committed to run all 50 5K’s for charity. I didn’t know how, but I knew why. 

And I got back on my bike, and I met my daughter that night so she could run her 5K and you won’t see a picture anywhere online where Lucy is not right beside me. 

You have to be willing to help other people accomplish their goals. 

And guess what? As a byproduct, you win. It’s impossible not to win if you’re helping other people achieve their goals. 

Bring everybody else up the mountain top of success. It’s flat. There’s room for everybody. In fact, it’s lonely if you’re up there by yourself, bring as many people along with you. 

My daughter ended up running 50 5K’s through 50 states in 50 days. 

Now there’s going to be a moment. There’s going to be a moment on your journey where you don’t know how to take the next step, where every step you take, it feels like a nail gun is being driven through your foot. Take it off.

That next step’s the most important step, yet that’s the step that few people are unwilling to take because it takes courage, because that next step involves pain, anxiety, difficulty, problem-solving. 

If you have the courage to take that step, I promise you you’re in rare air. There’s going to be few people left on the journey because that’s the moment that most people quit.  

My daughter Lucy’s hard was 50 5K’s. My hard was 50 Iron Mans. 

Everybody’s hard is different and it’s OK and we have no idea what’s formed someone’s opinions. 

That’s got them to the point where they are today, yet we’re all busy running around judging everybody on social media and they’re this and they’re that and we have no idea. 

I challenge you 1%. That’s all I’m asking. 1% more kindness and more empathy for those around us. 

We have no idea what our neighbor is dealing with and struggling with and again what formed their opinions that got them here today. 

We all have the opportunity in life to reach out our hand, do a simple act of kindness. Just share a smile. You may change someone’s life. In fact, you may save someone’s life. 

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