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How to Best Use Your Time Once You’ve Stopped Treating Patients

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The people with the best lives have the best choices.

If you take nothing else from this article, it should be that.

Wake up every day focusing on doing things that will expand the number of choices available to you and watch the quality of your life improve.

Frustration is reduced, fulfillment is increased, and I guarantee you will even live a much simpler life.

My business success is primarily responsible for expanding the number of choices available to me, and my business success has happened because of my business skills.

That is cause and effect. The cause, a dedication to learning and executing on business skills. The effect, an autonomous lifestyle. If you’re looking for a reason to develop your business skills, you now have it: to give yourself more and better choices.

You show me a business owner absent of real business skills and I’ll show you someone who, five years after starting his company, is still doing the things he was at the beginning.

He’s still “trapped,” working every hour of the day and always justifying it by telling himself that it will be worth it “in the end.”

Now, we’re going to get to the business end of running a business and look at the things you should be doing with your time if and when you finally step back from treating patients.

What to Do with Time Once You’ve Stopped Treating Patients

If you’ve already stopped treating patients, or you’re about ready to jump off the cliff and do it, you’ll know that one of the biggest issues you face is what to do with your time now that you have an empty schedule.

It’s one of the biggest challenges clinicians face: what to do with the forty to fifty hours of time that you’ve got now that you’ve stepped back from patient care?

It is also the one thing that defines the success of your practice from here on in.

It’s not just about what your employees do – it’s actually as much about what you do.

You could argue that the two are interwoven. If you don’t know what you’re doing, then neither will your employees as one of your top jobs is to ensure that they know theirs.

If you haven’t prioritized this or you’re not constantly communicating what you want from your team, then your company will struggle and flatline.

Every CEO has a set of major priorities that should consume their week.

If you don’t know what those priorities are, it is my intention that you will be able to look at your calendar and know.

You’ll be able to get more critical with where your time; the most important resource any CEO has available, is going and ask if it is appropriate to the needs of your company and its strategic objectives.

Understand it like this: stepping back from patient care is a huge decision for any practice owner.

But what you do with your time is ultimately what determines how successful that decision will be, not that you did it.

We will take your ability to lead and bolt that on to the specific tasks that you are required to do as a CEO running a successful company.

I’m going to give you the clarity you need about what your job as a CEO entails, what you should be doing in your day-to-day role, and how to get the skills and expertise needed to build a world-class private practice that grows and runs without you having to be involved with patients.

Are you ready?

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