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“Paul’s Team Saves Me So Much Time and Money, While Regularly Attracting 13-15 Quality Leads”

Jason Miller
Jason Miller, Centex Rehab

With three clinics across two central Texas cities, time is of the essence for Jason Miller.

Centex Rehab has an adult facility, a sports rehabilitation center and an occupational therapy business aimed at children with development delays.

Time is important; hours cannot be wasted on trying to implement his own Google Ads strategy. He admits: “Doing it myself was a waste of time and money.”

So that’s why Jason turned to Paul’s Online Domination program. The results – in both time and profit have been impressive.

He told us: “Before Google and Facebook I wasn’t really doing anything except relying on doctor referrals. I was constantly doing lunches and visits to get and maintain referrals. In terms of online work, I boosted some Facebook posts which was just a waste of money. I had attempted to run my own Google Ads, but I think it requires a special skill that I don’t have, to get your ads seen.”

“On my own I set it up and paid, but never got a lead. I had better luck with Facebook, but you have to stay on top of it, which was time consuming and so I then neglected it. I’d rather get on with running the business than spending time on Google and Facebook.”

“With Google, You Can Attract Those Who Don’t Want To Go To The Doctor.”

Google Ads has presented Jason with a whole new band of patients. It’s opened his eyes to the benefits of handing over the process to the experts, to those who know how the online world works.

He admitted: “I had to shift to Google because that is where everyone goes, especially since COVID: the biggest platform in the world and you simply must be on it. It’s the best way to get those people who need you, but don’t really know they need you.”

“Relying on referrals only gets you a small percentage of the population. With Google, you can attract those who have a need for you but who didn’t go to the doctor.”

“You get those people who have pain and are thinking about doing something about it, but haven’t acted on it yet. It’s best to get them at that level rather than wait for them to go to the doctor and then hope the doctor refers them to you.”

“Doing it myself was a waste of time and money: Google requires a skill set that I don’t have, nor the time. I spent a lot of time and money and never saw anything out of it.’’

With Paul’s help, “I get a regular 13-15 quality leads and my website traffic is up.”

He added: “As for results, I actually got leads! My website traffic is up every month and we get a lot of inquiries through our ‘live chat’ feature, which I recommend, and I know these leads are coming from our Google work as well.”

“One of the benefits turning it over to the Paul Gough Team was the time I got back. Most of us don’t have the time you need to devote to it, nor do we have the money for the mistakes we will make. My best option was to turn it over to a team who had done it all before and knew what they were doing.’’

Thanks To Online Domination, 2020 Has Been The Best Year Financially

It’s been a turbulent year for many, but not for Jason thanks to Online Domination: “Despite all that was going on in the world, 2020 was the best year my clinic has had financially. I only had one week where everything was down and I had very much considered cancelling Google and Facebook ads: I’m so glad I didn’t!”

“I feel that it not only kept me afloat, but also helped me thrive in a very difficult year for businesses everywhere. I would never say that a lead is easy to book. But they are viable leads and easy to nurture. Becca has done a great job with my Facebook ads and has really implemented strategies that reduce the number of time wasters.

“I have had more requests for people willing to pay for a discovery visit since she took over the ads. They have all been great and the best part is that I don’t have to do any of it myself – I’m free to focus on running the business.”

“I typically only spend about $500 a month and can get 13-15 leads a month. The leads are good, so we are able to get the majority of them in for a discovery visit. Some take longer in the nurturing process than others, but they all stay in our system. Each patient is worth about $1,500 to us so the return on our investment is very good. Paul always says the fortune is in the follow up.”

“I’m looking forward to 2021. For two of the clinics, it’s wash, rinse, repeat. I’ve now bought a building and I’m going to use that to expand my pediatric clinic, which has become our most lucrative. I’m looking forward to growing.

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