EP43: Paul’s New Life In America

So this one shares with you some insights into my first 4 weeks of my new life living in America (Orlando)…

It’s been a crazy few weeks of doing everything from working with 50+ clinic owners in my Masterminds and Workshops, to having to deal with banks (and an illness!), buying a new car, finding new schools and an office, hiring two new staff… Not to mention issues with having no-credit and having to do the one thing I really hate - go shopping on a weekend with Natalie!

I’ve learned a lot of lessons about myself, my staff, as well as the one thing that I didn’t expect to happen when I got here that is forcing me to consider: “What is next for Paul?..."

Enjoy the show, there are lots of lessons to be learned from this podcast that will help you in your business - and hopefully beyond that. If you find yourself a little “stuck” in your situation right now, this podcast is perfect for you and might just provide the momentum you need to get moving again.

What’s after this podcast?

1. Start with us online: join the Cash Club coaching program: www.ptprofitacademy.com/cash-club

2. Attend the next Strategic Planning Workshop - find out when it is and get registration details by sending an email to paul@paulgough.com


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