EP042: Should You Discuss Profit With Your Staff??

This is a question I’ve been asked a lot lately - and I have a very strong opinion on it. Ultimately, the purpose of a business is to MAKE A PROFIT and if you’re not talking about what that profit must be (with your staff), ask yourself, how do you realistically expect them to achieve it??…
This is a “fire” podcast that got me a little animated from time to time - listen in and hear me go deep into the reasons why I think many business owners DO shy away from talking about profit… and why if you are ever concerned about talking about how much profit you make, it says more about your hiring process and your culture than it does anything else. Not to mention the problems and LACK that are in your employees life that really, you can’t do all that much about. Enjoy the show - this might be one you don’t want your employees to listen to…
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