EP033: Fail To Scale - Why So Many Clinics Struggle To Grow

In this one I answer a great question I was recently asked by a Chiropractor from New Jersey:

“Why do so many cash-pay clinics struggle to scale?”…

I thought long and hard about the answer (a sign of a great question!) and in this episode I share with you the “7” reasons why I believe that clinics might struggle to “scale”. The answer is much deeper than what most people believe is the reason - which is usually just “a lack of patients”.

Sure, a lack of marketing is definitely one of the issues, and this podcast brings your awareness to the things that I believe could stop you from growing - if left unaddressed.

As I always teach my clients, “a loss avoided is as good as win gained”. This one will help you avoid those mistakes so you can get on with growing - and scaling - much faster. Enjoy the show.

P.S If you are interested in joining my new “Cash Club” that is mentioned in the show, then please send an email to paul@paulgough.com for instructions on how to join.

Cash Club is a monthly program that involves you receiving at least $10,000 worth of marketing, mindset and profit boosting strategies for your clinic every 30 days - and is a natural extension to being a Podcast listener.

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Image: Jerry Durham top San Francisco PT reading issue 001 of Cash is King

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