EP029: Big Lessons Learned From my "Sales & Conversion” 2-Day Bootcamp

So this one comes on the back of spending two days at my Sales and Conversion Bootcamp in San Diego - with 63 PT Business Owners. The whole focus was on getting better at sales - and ultimately converting more cash-pay patients at higher prices...

To be successful in your cash-pay clinic, it’ll really come down to how you answer this question:

“How do you get someone happy to pay MORE (and in cash) for something that is easily (or freely) available cheaper elsewhere?”

The answer? revealed on this podcast...

What’s more, when you understand that sales is part of a series of intricate processes - a System - that the person moves through with you, it is much easier to become successful at it...

As revealed on this Podcast, Sales is not a "one off event" like many people think. It is about more than just how you handle the “do you take my insurance?” question and you need a Sales System.

The System that I use at my clinic is powered by Infusionsoft, if you want to know how I use it, click here to take the free training: www.paulgough.com/infusionsoft

Plus, look out for the FULL recordings and slides of the 2-day Bootcamp that’ll be made available in the next few months. Those folks on my email list will be notified first (go here to subscribe to the email list www.paulgough.com)

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