EP027: Reflecting On An Epic 2-Days Masterminding With Americas Top PT Business Owners

This Podcast is fast becoming a log of my “awareness”, “memos”, “notes to self” - a digital record of where I was and what I was thinking at that phase of my life. All pretty powerful stuff that I am so happy to be able to share with you…

In that respect, this podcast serves me just as much as it does you and that is because before I hit record, I have to force myself to sit and think about what I want to share with you and that is always done best when I reflect critically on significant events that have literally, just happened…

Take this recent event in Orlando, for example. As part of my Mastermind Program Business Owners get to work with me, in person for 2 days, every four months - and last weekend I had 47 Owners fly into Orlando to learn things like: getting financial discipline, creating the right culture, recruitment, KPI’s - and what is working now in Marketing - all solid business skills that will serve them well for life.

In this episode, I share with you my thoughts on why the event was such a success, why the members are experiencing so much success right now - and listen right to the end to hear 3 incredible GROWTH QUESTIONS that will really stretch your thinking and boost your bank balance when you get the answers.

**If you want to talk to Paul Gough about whether or not you are suitable to join his Mastermind Program, please look here for more details: www.ptprofitacademy.com/mastermind-a and then fill out the application on the page.

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