EP026: The Secret To Getting Rich, Is…

This Episode is for anyone who has ever made a decision that they later went on to regret…

(So, literally, everybody! Lol)

When you stop to think about it, the reason so many don’t get the level of wealth or income that they want is simply because they make STUPID decisions. I bet if you could rewind the clock 5 or 10 years and reverse all of the bad decisions you have ever made - you would be a lot richer or wealthier than you are today. I know I would.

As I have heard it said, “every problem I had in my life started out as a good idea” and if you truly understand the implications of what that means - it does not take long to work out that the “antidote” to that is to simply stop making them (stupid decisions) and start making better ones..

So how do you that? How do you stop yourself from executing what feels like yet another good idea that later turns out to be a costly problem?

If you have got a problem in your business right now - you will not solve it with the same LEVEL of thinking that got you into the problem in the first place and much of what I discuss on today's show is designed to elevate your thinking to a much higher level than everyone else around you who remains stuck. Enjoy.

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