EP013: Why Your Business Should Resemble MACYS At Christmas

In this episode (13) I talk about the need to build a business that factors in that people are at different points in their decision making process…

This episode highlights the need for you to consider that NOT every single person suffering with low back pain is equal…

Not everyone is comfortable or happy with starting a relationship with you with a 60 minute session - or at the same level of financial commitment - as the next person.

And yet that’s how most businesses operate.

One session, one price.

One way to being a relationship - or not at all.

And this is why a lot of clinics are hitting a brick wall - or running into some kind of resistance - from potential patients who they should be helping.

A lot like Macys - or any other dept store - there’s more than one way for me to get to the floor that has the thing that I am looking to buy…

If you walk into Macys this weekend and the pair of shoes you want is on floor 5 - but you’re NOT comfortable taking the elevator to get the 5th floor, if they don’t offer you an alternative route, then you’re NOT buying them from that store, EVEN THOUGH you need some new shoes…

Success in healthcare is now about how well we can cater for these different types of people - some skeptical, some nervous, tentative or just unsure - who don’t want to take the high-speed elevator to a full plan of care from you…

…or, those who aren’t ready to hand over $150 without talking to you first to allow them to make a confident decision.

If you can offer them an escalator - or walk with them up the stairs - it might take a little longer, but they’ll get there, and they’ll often buy more than one pair of shoes when they do…

I’ve been running my business like this for years now - and I can tell you that when patients take the escalator or walk up the stairs - they stay with me a lot longer than the ones who arrived looking for the express route to relief from pain.

It’s like I keep on saying - the more TIME you factor in BEFORE the credit card comes out, the more they spend…

The more you cater for their specific needs (over and above their physical pain), the more they want to do business with you - and only you.

How all of this applies to your business is fascinating - and it’s all on this - Episode 13 - of the PT Business School Podcast.

I start by giving you a real life example of how my local Apple store sold me a “$600” watch - even though I walked in and confessed “I was NOT ready to make a purchase today…”

Take notes - you’re about to learn a LOT!

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

* Why some patients need what you do - but will never choose you unless you do this…

* Why patients who take more time deciding - often spend more

* The secret to converting prospective patients - even if they openly say they’re “just inquiring”…

* The 3 different points of entry that a successful PT practice should have in 2017 and beyond…

* The importance of offering more than one option for a treatment plan…

* And so much more profit boosting advice on this 13th Episode of the podcast.

Here’s the link to the 3-day Workshop that I mentioned in this Podcast.

- www.ptprofitacademy.com/profits-workshop

If you want to come and spend 3 days with me going deeper into this type of stuff, this is your chance to do it…

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