EP004: "4" Questions To Help You Grow With Ease...

On this episode of the show we talk “GROWTH”…

…and specifically, the 4 questions that knowing the ANSWERS to will help you grow much faster.

There’s a great saying that I love:

“Smart people have great answers,
genius’s ASK great QUESTIONS”

When I started to ask myself these 4 questions - and particularly questions 1 and 3 - I found that I was able to grow my own business much faster and with much more ease.

We cover a lot of “marketing 101” in this episode again - and we’re sharing many of the answers that have made the “Paul Gough Physio Rooms” so successful.

You can use the answers that I give as a FRAMEWORK for formulating the answers needed to be able to grow your own clinic.

We kick off the Episode by asking this growth question:

“Who do I want to buy from me”…

…roughly translated that means:

“Who do I want to see in my clinic - because what I have to offer them is the perfect service for them that’ll absolutely be able to solve their problem”…

Without getting clear on this it’s almost impossible to grow and scale a successful business and NOT knowing this is the single biggest reason why so many solo-practitioners never make it to business “owner” status.

Even if you have made it to business owner “status” listening in on this may help you ENJOY the process of growing and scaling a little more as it’ll definitely make it a little easier to do so.

Almost every PROBLEM that happens inside of a clinic is because the person or people in that clinic are a WRONG FIT and can be solved by answering question number "1" with more clarity.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn on Episode 4:

  • “Who do I want to work everyday anyway? How to identify your perfect target audience and create a strategy that attracts more of them... (3:40)
  • “What must I do to get people to buy from me?” - It's all about offering REAL solutions to your audience, solutions to do the things they're LOVE to do - and not just about getting "physical therapy" (9:48)
  • “What can get in the way of them buying from me?” - There isn't a more important question for you to answer....(12:00)
  • Why the "skeptics" can be your most loyal and best paying patient - if only you do this first... (14:06)
  • How to give people ANY excuse to come back to your clinic  (17:04)
  • How to create an EXPERIENCE that is great than the some of your PT skills... and why it's so important now (19:15)

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