EP001: Marketing 101 - How To Tap Into The 93% Of People In Pain, Currently Being Overlooked…

In the run up to the airing of this first episode, we asked hundreds of PT’s for the questions they wanted answers to…

…and the overwhelming majority asked for something to do with “MARKETING” their practice.

So, in this very first episode of the “Physical Therapy Business School” Podcast we lift the hood on MARKETING and discuss why almost every business out there is overlooking the huge amount of patients who WOULD get physical therapy from you - if only they knew you were an option!

This is a foundational “Marketing 101” type episode, and is perfect for anyone who wants to understand the foundations of what all successful marketing campaigns are built upon.

Here’s why this is important now:

In a recent study it was revealed that just “7%” of patients who visit their doctor suffering with low back pain - end up with a referral to a PT clinic.

The question is: “What is happening to the other 93%?”

And more importantly, how do you get even just 10% of those 93% to arrive at your clinic?…

(Just imagine what you clinic would look like if you knew how to do that…)

Listen in as we talk all about this “OVERLOOKED” pocket of people in every small town and explain how the Paul Gough Physio Rooms - my own clinic - has become so successful simply by heading in a different direction and talking to this pocket of people in our direct to consumer marketing.

We also talk about why the need for EDUCATING the potential clients has never been more important - especially as the COST of health care rises…

It makes sense that if people are expected to pay more - then they need to feel more CERTAINTY in the decision they’re about to make.

Understanding this “uncertainty” - and knowing how to overcome it - is the number 1 thing that PT business owners must know how to do if they’re to PROSPER in the new health care economy.

Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn on this Episode:

  • What makes me uniquely qualified to share my advice with you... (2:45)
  • Who is this podcast for (...it's not for every PT)? (9:13)
  • What we will be covering on future podcast episodes...? (15:33)
  • How I broke away from the referrals from doctors trap and tapped into the MASSIVE amounts of people most PT's are overlooking... (20:40)
  •  How do you get access to the 93% of people in pain who aren't aware of physical therapy... ” (28:45)
  • How to build relationships with your patients that lead to them becoming a life long patient... (33:30)

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