"A Complete Lack of Sincerity and Empathy" - How NOT to Answer the Phone | Episode 555

In this one, I share with you another call I made live from stage to a private practice exposing how NOT to answer the phone...

If this lady was answering your phone, it's safe to say she's doing a great job of losing you money. I'd put this lady in the sales PREVENTION department - not the sales generation department. There's a complete lack of empathy shown and she barely can acknowledge my name and nor does she seem interested in anything I want to tell her.

Share this one with your team and remind them, this is how NOT to answer the phone. Turn me up nice and loud and try not to LOL too much ...

Details on the Las Vegas "Telephone Techniques" event on April 1-2 event here: www.paulgough.com/guest or email paul@paulgough.com to speak to someone about tickets and information.

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