"We're Going to Australia and Ireland - Will You Join Us?" | Episode 518

In today's podcast, I share with you the dates and of the upcoming WORLD TOUR that will see us take the Financial Skills & Annual Planning Workshop to Sydney (Australia), Dublin (Ireland) and kicks off right here in Orlando, Florida...

...if you're interested in improving your financial skills, getting help with doing an annual budget for 2023 and networking with some other amazing clinic owners - as well as saying hello to me and my team - this is the opportunity to do so. Full details on the podcast.


Here's the dates of the upcoming **FINANCIAL SKILLS and ANNUAL PLANNING* 2-Day Workshop, world tour...

1. Orlando, FL (Dec 5-6)
2. Dublin, Ireland (Dec 14-15)
3. Sydney, Auz (Jan 7-8)

I'll be spending Day 1 showing your how to better understand your numbers, what numbers you need to know, what they mean, AND, crucially, how analyze your business financial performance...

...and on day 2, I'll work with you to map out your entire 2023 ANNUAL PLAN and BUDGET.

If you're planning on GROWING your business - and you want to remain PROFITABLE - this 2-day workshop is for you.

I'll give you a PROFESSIONAL management pack to look at and learn from - to take back to your clinic and copy from - and I'll give you the same template/framework I personally use to do the annual budget for all of my companies...

Send an email right now to paul@paulgough.com for details and pricing. All workshops are IN-PERSON and there's no virtual option.

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