"My Backstage Conversations with Daymond John and James Lawrence" | Episode 517

In this one, I reflect on the EPIC PPM LIVE event that so many of you attended, and I share with you what I learned from the big event. Specifically, I talk about the SIX key points that I took from the event personally and professionally, including some of the conversations I had with Daymond John AND James Lawrence backstage. Including:

1. Where all of Daymond John's success REALLY comes from
2. How James Lawrence changed my mindset from ever seeing ANYTHING as a "chore" to being PRIVILEGED to be able to do it...
3. What both speakers had in common - and how they had DETACHED themselves from "societies dreams"
4. The importance of having your intuition confirmed...
5. That our "Planet Paul" community is alive and thriving and that it 100% is POSSIBLE for any PT to MAKE MORE MONEY and simultaneously step back from patient care...

Use #PPMLIVE to search for images and footage of the event to catch up or relive it...

FYI: PPM LIVE 2023 is scheduled for October 5-8th, in Orlando

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