"The 5 MOST IMPACTFUL Moments from Our TOP PLAYED PODCASTS" | Episode 500

500 Episodes.
500 Episodes of all thing Private Practice, Growth Mindset, and Success.

In celebration this monumental moment, we have compiled the MOST IMPACTFUL moments from out 5 TOP PLAYED podcasts that have been heard by nearly a million listeners.

Thank you for all your support over the years. Here's to the next 500.

Turn me up nice and loud and enjoy today's podcast.


1) 0:40 "CEO Series: Interview with Top PT Jake Berman"
2) 17:25 "CEO Series: Interview with Top PT Carrie Jose"
3) 34:31 "CEO Series: Interview with Top PT Paul Jones"
4) 55:10 "Why Do People Talk So Much Crap"
5) 1:10:49 "Creating Front Desk Superstars"


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