Telehealth | “Our First Patients Have Paid Us, What’s Next?” Episode 305

Today, we will be tuning into last weeks first call from our “Telehealth, Income Explosion” course. During this Q and A session with Telehealth Expert Juan Michelle Martin you will hear me ask questions related to the initial intake of your first few Telehealth clients, followed up by questions from some of the students in the course pertaining to:

How to serve patients that are in different locations around the world

And how to compete with larger providers of telehealth

If you like this podcast and want access to this whole call, head to paulgough.com/telehealth to get access to it, I addition, I am personally writing email templates for you to send out to your new patients.

Our next live telehealth seminar is this Thursday, April 9th, at 5pm. Join now to start saving any lost income your clinic might have felt in the past weeks



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