What My Physio Team Did Amazingly Well In 2019 : Annual Planning Pt. 1 | Episode 249

Today, you will be tuning into the first half hour of my annual planning meeting with my physio rooms staff where you will hear where I see the company growing to, and how the media and finance teams will help them with their growth moving forward.

The session moves to a conversation about what worked well this past year, with the selling of packages being a huge staple for the Physio company. Turn it up when you hear me dive into the psychology of the “Buyers Journey” and just because something doesn’t work the first time it’s implemented in your clinic, that you should end it for good.

If you like this podcast and want to double your profits all while having clarity on how to operate your business in the next 12 months, my Strategic Planning Day is right around the corner. It’s on January 30th, here in Celebration, Florida.

When you come, you will be working with me in a small group to understand the numbers in your business, develop a marketing plan, and develop a plan to grow your practice! Again, it’s coming up on January 30th here in Celebration Florida. For more information you can email my team at Paul@paulgough.com or click here- ptprofitacademy.com/strategic-planning


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