The "Free Visit" - Why You Shouldn't Just Give It To Anyone : Staff Training | Episode 171

Do you have an issue converting on discovery visits? If you are giving them out to potential patients for free, one of the worst things you could do is to do so and have no value assigned to them. When a patient is unsure about your services, two things are important. First is to communicate what you offer to fix their problem, how your process works, eliminate all doubt they might have about you and your business. Second is to assign a value to that “free” visit. Once the patient understands what they will be receiving from you and your business, and the value attached to their experience, it leaves them much more comfortable to making a decision on if they would like to hire you.

The 5 cities in 5 day tour has been great, thank you to all of the clinic owners and staff that welcomed me into their clinic to do what I love, which is helping business’ grow and be successful. Tonight, I will be flying back to Orlando to be back in the Celebration office next week. Keep an eye out for the next tour that will be happening soon.


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