"How Do I Become A Better Leader?" : UK 4% Club Mastermind | Episode 133

On this one I introduce an important Leadership tool called the "Support Challenge Matrix", to a room full of clinic owners at a recent UK and European Mastermind Event that I held back in May.

Listen in and discover:

- How to use this leadership tool in your business to empower staff AND continue to grow your business

- The no.1 reason why I believe I've never had push-back from my team when I make changes in my business (such as raising my rates)

- And why you get what you tolerate...

For details on how to join the UK or US Mastermind Events, go here: www.ptprofitacademy.com/mastermind

Enjoy the show! And be sure to leave your comments, thoughts, and questions over on Twitter @ThePaulGough or by using the hashtag #AskPG


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