Staff Training: Overcoming Patient "Push-Back" In The First Session | Episode 123

On this one I talk to my PT team at the Paul Gough Physio Rooms about the importance of changing the way that patients 'show up'.

Better said - if you are not educating patients on how you want to be perceived BEFORE they arrive - they will show up with their own preconceived ideas of your value and most often, it’s not as high as you have of yourself.

And THAT is the primary reason for so much “push-back” to co-pay, deductibles and cash-pay fees in the PT profession right now.

(I also share a great tactic that you and your PT staff can use  after the initial evaluation to remind the patient of the VALUE in coming to see you - probably one of the most powerful tools we use 😉 )

Enjoy the show! And be sure to leave your comments, thoughts and questions over on Twitter @ThePaulGough or by using the hashtag #AskPG


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