CEO Series: Interview with Top Chiropractor Justin Rabinowitz | Episode 121

In this one I interview Chiropractor Justin Rabinowitz of Warren, New Jersey.

I’ve worked with Justin for a couple of years now and in that time I’ve watched him move from having a solid case load of his own - to hiring three members of staff who are helping him build a practice that runs without him having to treat all of the patients.

In this interview we discuss the big decisions Justin made to hire a full time front desk, marketing director AND a chiropractor in a short period of time, the importance of getting the first hire right (and how to do it), having a strong balance sheet, measuring success by the numbers and making it easier for staff to be successful.

Justin is a client I always love to coach largely because he asks great questions; he’s always well prepared ahead of any calls we do together and he’s a real student of business - a life long Lerner.

There’s a lot of logic and wisdom in many of the things he says and if you’re currently “stuck”, going back and forth about who to hire, or, indeed even if you should hire, this interview is perfect for you…

If you want to follow the path that Justin took with me, here’s his Learning Pathway:

Step 1: New Patient Accelerator Program (www.AcceleratorNow.com)

Step 2: Private Coaching and joined 4% Club Mastermind Program

Step 3: Joined CEO program

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Justin's Social media links


Instagram- @Strive2Move

Twitter- @JDRabin

Facebook-  https://www.facebook.com/Strive2Move/


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