Clinic Mastermind: Why Patients Aren't Very Good At Making Decisions | Episode 116

Last week we announced Paul Gough's brand new CEO Series (if you haven't listened yet, head over to paulgough.com/podcast to catch up...)

Paul's back in England right now, so what we've decided to do is dig into the content vault and bring you some NEVER heard before footage...

This one is from an early Conversion Mastermind filmed back in 2016, at one of our founding members clinics, Dean Volk, of Volk PT in Charlotte.

Listen in as Paul sits down to teach some of the World's best PT's including Dean Volk, Jerry Durham, Aaron LeBauer and Christine Walker on the psychology behind why patients aren't very good at making decisions... and why in the absence of a referral from a Doctor they are incredibly indecisive and skeptical.

If you want to help more people make a great decision about their health - you need to factor in that almost everyone you will come into contact with will struggle to make a decision to say yes.

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