"Prescription Without Diagnosis Is Malpractice - But..." | EP:043

So this episode comes on the back of an “issue” in my clinic, caused by a lack of communication in my office, about what the difference is between a “sports massage” and actually “getting physiotherapy”…

We have had a few patients lately asking for one but not the other and we’ve realized that they’re not always sure what the difference is.

The reason it is important?

Because the PRICE is different - but there perception of what they’re getting can be that it all just FEELS the same.

Let me explain:

What patients are often looking for is someone to just “get on with it”…

Meaning, if you let them, they will value the “DOING” more than the “THINKING” that goes into the diagnosis and creating a plan of care.

We live in a world where instant gratification rules…

…people want you to do just “do something” - “anything” - to justify the dollar amount they are paying you.

This is why people - who should be opting to go see a PT like you or I - may book an appointment with a massage therapist or a personal trainer because they THINK that something will get done right off the bat.

In our world, we have to take the time to diagnose, communicate clearly what we find, then set up a plan for them to agree to and then if we have time at the end, maybe get going with some treatment.

Why? Because Prescription without diagnosis is Malpractice.

We know all of that pre-work is valuable - but do they see it that way?

Not always.

What I do know is that if you don’t help them see the value of what you do - they won’t.

In this episode you can watch and learn as I spend time talking to my front desk team about how to articulate the difference between all our therapists and services and without talking about credentials or experience.

The moment you resort to “qualifications” or “credentials” to justify your fees or services benefits, you are losing.

Listen in right to the end as I move into the physiotherapy team meeting and talk to the them about the importance of changing the way that the patient “shows up”.

Better said - if you are not educating the patient on how you want to be perceived BEFORE they arrive - they will show up with their own preconceived ideas of your value and most often, it’s not as high as you have of yourself.

And THAT is the primary reason for so much “push-back” to co-pay, deductibles and cash-pay fees in the PT profession right now.

There’s a lot to learn from this episode - listen in and subscribe to me on youtube if you want more.

Watch the full show on Youtube, here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=9nGGk7G0aME

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