What Happens When The Boss Is Away | EP:042

What Happens When The Boss Is Away | EP:042

When the boss is away - the staff DO NOT get to play!…

So last week I was vacation with my kids - I spent 10 days in the beautiful Island of “Tenerife” (South of Spain) and when I am not in the Physio Rooms, it is business as usual…

And that absolutely includes the training that we do to ensure that our assets (my staff), are at the top of their game.

Every Wednesday at 9.00am training takes place - with or without me - and given that I was in a sunnier climate last week, Vicki Smith (my practice manageress) jumped into the hot seat to coach the team in my absence…

In this Episode, you’ll get to watch first hand as Vicki addresses questions from my team - PLUS, a very special guest - top UK Physiotherapy Business Owner Wendy Mcleoud - who dropped by for a VIP day to watch and learn how my organisation is run…

We are creating something very special at the Paul Gough Physio Rooms - a place that is as dedicated to it’s staff as much as it’s patients and we’re attracting Physical Therapists from as far afield as Phoenix, Texas, Scotland and Ireland who want to come and spend the day with my team to find out how a modern day physical therapy clinic is run - without the owner having to be there everyday.

In this episode you are going to hear Vicki talk about:

* “Vetting” the right and wrong clients to ensure that only the GOOD ones arrive in our world…

* What it really means when patients cancel because they have a “hairdressers appointment”, why very FEW of our clients actually ever want “exercises”….

* How to question clients BEFORE they arrive to ensure that when they do show up, they show up in the right frame of mind and ready to go all in with what we suggest!

* Why the free report should never be spoken about again - once it is sent out…


Be sure to listen to the point as “Vicki” teaches the team about the importance of asking this question:

“I know you are not ready to go ahead
otherwise you would have called and booked a session…”

If you are doing any form of “Lead Generation” in your clinic then that question alone is going to be worth $1000s to you.

And as you watch this episode right to the end I want you to ask yourself this question:

“Who in your office is capable of stepping up and leading your team like this in your absence?”

If the answer takes longer than 1 second to find - it’s clear that the next move you need to make is to find and train that leader who can support you towards your business goals…

It’s too hard to do it on your own.

Vicki arrived in my world as patient 8 years ago - and since then we have worked relentlessly together to get her to the point where I can PROUDLY watch her talk to my team and can now honestly say that she is capable of doing a better job than me, when it comes to implementing what I want…

8 years.

Not one week, one session, or one month.

But 8 years.

Are you prepared to put in the work to get the outcome you want??

Watch the show here to see for yourself the results - when/if you do.

Watch the full episode on Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0Ap-l0G92c

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