"I'm Blind - Please Help" | EP:041

"I'm Blind - Please Help" | EP:041

A reason, I believe, that so many Physical Therapist's are running into resistance from patients not-so-keen to pay out of pocket (or sign up for a full plan-of-care) is often because the ‘words’ they are using DO NOT mean enough to the patient they are trying to motivate into giving up their time and money…

Remember - business is about SOLVING PROBLEMS and we will be rewarded as business owners for our ability to motivate more people to give us their time and money than the other PT clinics available to them!

Customers do not just magically walk through the door or any establishment and hand over their time and money - even when they are in pain or have lost function!

However, if we are able to reposition our proposal as MEANING something MORE than they currently believe they are getting - then we will get a more favourable outcome for both parties…

“Change the meaning, change the outcome” is something that I have drilled relentlessly into my staff if they are ever getting push back or resistance to our fees and in this episode I recall the story of the blind man who made $1000’s begging - simply by changing a few words on the sign next to his begging bucket.

You have to hear it to believe it.

Listen right to the end as I talk about converting LEADS, the role of online REVIEWS, the importance of offering a free first session - and having the right price strategy which covers those free sessions so you can give more of them away to get more people through the doors!…

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