Balance and Falls Class: Marketing Discussion With My Team | EP:040

Balance and Falls Class: Marketing Discussion With My Team | EP:040

This Episode of the show is about how we improve the Marketing for our new Balance and Falls Classes...

...but more than that, it's about having the confidence to just start something and improve it when you get the results.

You're going to learn about how I use what the participants of our early Balance and Falls classes SAY about our classes to improve the Marketing to bring in more attendees in the future.

Marketing is really easy - so long as you're in touch with what your ideal patient is telling you. Just listen to what they are telling you about their concerns and their health goals and watch how easy it is to create compelling headlines that attract more of the types of people who told it to you in the first place.

At the Paul Gough Physio Rooms we are using these classes to create a sense of community for our patients - a place that they can start with us if they're not ready for Physio, OR, a place to STAY with us if they are done with their initial plan of care.

Take from this episode a few things:

1. How I craft my Marketing Messages...


2. That instead of needing something to be absolutely perfect before I run something - I'm a huge fan of getting even to just 70% of what I want to know and running with it anyway.

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