From Operator - To Business Owner

This is another podcast from a recent Mastermind Event. And it happens to be one of the most important skills you’ll ever hone: that being the ability to accurately, confidently and quickly identify where the problems or choke points are in your clinic.

While most clinic owners think ALL of their problems are because of a lack of leads or calls, the smart business owners are using frameworks to diagnose the real issue.

If you’re coming home at 9pm each night, tired and feeling burned out – never making much progress – it’s because you’re NOT doing what I teach on this podcast -  and instead it’s because you’re spending too much time “doing” and not enough time critically thinking.

If you’re interested in joining Mastermind or learning more about these types of business skills, the best place to start is with my one day Strategic Planning Workshop that happens in Orlando every quarter. I work with 20 clinic owners to do 12 months of planning in one day. Email paul@paulgough.com to get details of the next class.

Remember, you are listening to the theory of business on this podcast - the Mastermind program and Strategic Planning Workshop are designed to provide you with the help and support to implement these things and not leave them in the “that’s a good idea bracket”.


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